What is Learnbps?

Learnbps is the portal to our online learning management system (LMS). It contains both student courses, and professional learning opportunities for teachers and staff.

How do I access Learnbps?

The easiest way to access Learnbps is through the (new) district website. There is a direct link to the Learnbps environment in the top banner (on every page!). Use your district username and password to log in to Learnbps.

How do I get a course on Learnbps?

Easy! Log in to PowerTeacher, and follow the simple steps below to automatically create Learnbps course shells from your powerschool schedule (it takes about a day). Learnbps students are enrolled into courses from PowerSchool, so if you are teaching a class and have students enrolled in your PowerTeacher gradebook, then the same students will automatically be enrolled in your Learnbps class. Each semester, new Learnbps courses will be created from your PowerSchool schedule, until you choose to switch this off. It is also school specific, so if you teach at multiple schools and would like courses created at each school, change your school and follow the same steps below.

Is this new? Why is this changing?

As our online teaching and learning practices grow, so does our Learning Management System. Previously there were two different environments for staff and students to learn online (PLC Moodle and Student Moodle). This could sometimes be confusing. We realize that we're all learners, so why have separate environments for teachers and students? You'll notice a new look, and some new features as well as new resources for continuous growth.

Are there any resources available on Learnbps?

There just might be! Learnbps is a teacher-created environment, so you can take a look at any of the "Marketplaces" on your Learnbps dashboard and see what your colleagues have created and shared. Nothing there? Perhaps you'd like to be the first contributor and get the collaboration started...

What is a Learnbps "Marketplace?"

Marketplaces are collaborative workspaces where multiple teachers have editing rights to design and create resources and activities for students. These activities can then be shared to student courses.

What's the difference between Learnbps and Google Drive?

Google Drive is a great place to store and share files (as long as they don't contain confidential student data). Learnbps is a great place to aggregate and organize those files into interactive learning activities. (It'll do other stuff too!)

I already use Google Classroom, do I have to start using Learnbps?

Not necessarily. Google Classroom is a handy way to aggregate and organize files from Google Drive too, but there are certain things (like online assessment, completion tracking, conditional release, automated feedback, badges...and more...) that Classroom just won't do. If you'd like to leverage blended environments beyond an online "in-out" box, then Learnbps is a great option!

All my materials are stored in Google Drive. Can I still use Learnbps?

Absolutely! Learnbps actually has built-in features that help you access, share, embed, and connect to Google Drive files of all types!

Do I have to use Learnbps for all my blended activities?

Heck no! Just like the tools in a carpenter's toolbox, it's important for us as teachers to choose the right tool for the job. In certain instances, Learnbps offers functionality and online lesson design options that aren't available through other learning management systems (like online assessment, completion tracking, conditional release, automated feedback, badges...and more...). It's perfectly o.k. to take an "a la carte" approach, and use Learnbps for "one-off" activities. This also promotes varied student experiences.

Can parents see my Learnbps course?

Only if you want them to. Learnbps courses can be made visible to guests (people who don't have a BPS email account,) but only at the teacher's discretion. You decide if you want to allow guest access in your course. If you do, guests will not have access to student work, just an overview of the activities and modules in your Learnbps course.

What about all the work that I've put into my Moodle class?

No worries! It's all moving to Learnbps. Aside from getting accustomed to some of the new views, it should be business as usual - just hopefully with a slightly more friendly look and feel.

Is there any online support for Learnbps?

The Learnbps learning management system is used worldwide, so there are lots of resources available online. PLUS on many pages there are embedded tours to that help walk users through the interface. These can be reset at the bottom of each page. If you don't see a tour where you'd like one, contact technology - maybe we can help you out...

Is there any Professional Learning for teachers on Learnbps?

We're glad you asked! Yes, there are self-enroll, self-paced modules on several topics (and we're always working on adding more). These can be accessed From the Learnbps homepage through any "Professional Learning" link.

Is there a way to organize and share VoiceThreads in my Learnbps course so they are easier for students to find?

Yes! With the VoiceThread LTI activity you can:

  • View all of the VoiceThreads that are part of the course or link to an individual VoiceThread
  • Build out an assignment for creating, viewing, or commenting on a VoiceThread

Is there any way to use Turnitin within Learnbps so that my students don't have to log into two separate systems?

Most definitely! You can set up Turnitin activities from within Learnbps, and then all your students need to do is click the link to engage with it. No extra sign-ins required.