Due August 31, 2018

senior picture Submission deadline

November 2, 2018

    • No senior photos will be accepted after the deadline. Deadlines because senior photos coincide with publication deadlines and cannot be changed.
    • Important: The deadline is early, so make your photo appointments early. It takes a long time for your photographer to edit and send your pictures. Do not wait until the last minute.

ONLY STUDENTS CAN SUBMIT | Students will need to log in to BPS (Bismarck Public School) accounts to access the submission form.

senior submission list POST ONLINE 2017

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The list is color coded.

Your information next to your name have colors in the corresponding columns to let you know what we've recieved.

The entire list may not be able to be accessible on a phone but works on a computer.

Picture requirements

  • School pictures will be taken in the fall, but you are not required to use the senior photo supplied by LifeTouch for the yearbook. However, everyone must get their picture taken for student IDs and back-up pictures for the yearbook.
  • Warning: If you do not supply a senior picture of your own or submit a photo that does not meet the requirements outlined in this document, the LifeTouch picture will be used for class photos. The staff reserves the right to reject photos and/or ask seniors to make changes to conform to the set standards.
  • We prefer digital photos—photo files (JPEG, TIFF or PDF), resolution (300 ppi or higher), dimensions (minimum: 2.25’’ wide, 3’’ height).
  • Portrait should be the focal point, not the background. It is highly recommended that the head and shoulders are the main feature.
  • Make sure the student’s head or hairline is not cropped from the top of the photo.
  • Clothing must follow school dress codes and policies (i.e. no alcoholic advertisements or inappropriate clothing or accessories).

Quote requirements

  • Senior quotes must be 50 words or under.
  • Cite famous quotes (list who said them) if not using your own wording.
  • Quotes must be appropriate and tasteful.
  • Email senior quotes along with senior picture.
  • Warning: The staff reserves the right to reject senior quotes and/or ask seniors to make changes to conform to the set standards. Copy editing, such as grammatical changes, may be applied and longer quotes may be shortened.

IMPORTANT: Read additional yearbook policies regarding senior pictures and deadlines.