What is CSF?

The purpose of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is to foster higher standards of scholarship, citizenship, and service. Membership is open to students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. There are two kinds of membership: active and inactive.

In order to foster high standards of scholarship, eligibility is based on attributes defined by an academic point system (A=3; B=1, or A=4; B=2 if an honors class, for up to two honors classes). The total number of points earned must be at least 10 based on a maximum of five classes with an emphasis on UC “A to F” list. A ” D” or “F” grade, or poor reports of citizenship, disqualify the student.

Applicants who meet the grade and citizenship requirements are considered inactive members. Although service is not a requirement for eligibility, service is highly recommended and is an additional requirement for consideration as an active member. To meet the service requirement for active membership, the student must provide three hours of tutoring service each semester through the school’s tutoring program. In addition, active members must participate in the organization’s meetings and activities.

Applications are accepted during the first three weeks of the semester. Students must re-apply each semester that they are eligible. Four semesters of membership, including one semester using senior grades, are required in order to graduate as a CSF Sealbearer. All Sealbearers will receive certificates of membership and the CSF Chapter Seal will be affixed to their diploma. Sealbearers who have been active members (completed 3 assigned tutoring hours each semester) for at least four semesters will wear a gold cord at graduation.

How much are membership dues? $4 every semester you apply to be a member and it is due when you turn in your application.

Why do we pay membership dues? The CSF state organization charges BAHS membership dues in order to belong to their academic honor society. The dues also cover the cost of the seals for the diplomas, the pins and the gold chords for graduation.