California Scholarship Federation

Bishop Amat Memorial High School

Chapter No. 689s

Latest News

2020-2021 CSF Officers

President: Amina Penafiel

Vice President: Vanessa Rios

Executive Officers (alphabetical order):

Ashley Hiti Cristina Martinez

Justin Liu Ryan Nguyen

Faithe Ilagan Jackie Rael

Geraldine Marroquin Vanessa Wiratmo

Library Tutoring Reminders

  • Sign into the CSF binder on Librarians's desk to get credit for tutoring.

  • You can reschedule/make-up only ONE hour. If you can’t make one of the following days/times, simply show up any other day/time to make it up before Friday Dec 13th. You do NOT need to speak with Mr. Fragoso to make up a single day.

  • If you show up more than 10 mins late you will be turned away from tutoring that day.

  • If the library is closed for any reason on your scheduled day, congrats that tutoring still counts, you just got a freebee

  • If you have any questions/concerns come see Mr. Fragoso in room 403 (or email him at cfragoso@bishopamat.org)

CSF Morning Tutoring from 7am to 7:55am every Tuesday to Friday

CSF Afternoon Tutoring from 3pm to 4pm every Monday to Thursday

Current ACTIVE Members SEMESTER I 2019-2020

New Member Information

CSF is a prestigious organization that seeks to recognize academically high achieving students that also serve their community.

You are likely eligible to join CSF if you regularly earn mostly A’s and B’s in “core” classes such as Math, English, Science, Foreign Language, and Social Studies. Physical education and dance are ineligible classes. There is an application process every semester that requires your previous semesters report card to determine if you meet the minimum 10 CSF point* requirement. You need 4 active semesters of membership to be considered a Lifetime member and earn a diploma seal, pin, and cords at graduation.

For active membership, every semester you must

1. Complete an application with qualifying grades* from the previous semester

2. Submit $4 dues

3. Complete 3 hours of tutoring in the library

(One of the semesters must be in the Senior year from a Senior year report card.)

*CSF points are different from GPA points and they are explained on the application.

Library tutoring schedule:

Mon-Thurs after school from 3:00pm-4:00pm

Tues-Thurs before school from 7:00am-7:55am

If you are more than 10 minutes late to tutoring you will not earn credit for that hour. Library tutoring will be recorded in a binder on the librarian’s desk. Upon arrival you must sign in and upon leaving you must notify the librarian you are leaving and sign out. The librarian will initial to verify your attendance.

There is NO CANCELING OR SWITCHING your library time slots. If you miss ONE scheduled hour, you can make it up any time before the end of the semester. Simply show up at the library and record the time and date of the hour served. You cannot miss more than one hour or it will not count as an active semester.

Final Reminders!

When turning in your completed application you will need your:

1. correctly filled out application; use 5 classes or less, no sports, only 2 Hon/AP/IB get an extra point

2. report card or transcripts copy (This copy will not be returned to you)

3. $4 dues

4. Prepared to sign up for 3 tutoring dates

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Fragoso in Room 403 or any of the CSF Officers.

Basic CSF Information

The purpose of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is to foster higher standards of scholarship, citizenship, and service. Membership is open to students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. There are two kinds of membership: active and inactive.

In order to foster high standards of scholarship, eligibility is based on attributes defined by an academic point system (A=3; B=1, or A=4; B=2 if an honors class, for up to two honors classes). The total number of points earned must be at least 10 based on a maximum of five classes with an emphasis on UC “A to F” list. A ” D” or “F” grade, or poor reports of citizenship, disqualify the student.

Applicants who meet the grade and citizenship requirements are considered inactive members. Although service is not a requirement for eligibility, service is highly recommended and is an additional requirement for consideration as an active member. To meet the service requirement for active membership, the student must provide three hours of tutoring service each semester through the school’s tutoring program. In addition, active members must participate in the organization’s meetings and activities.

Applications are accepted during the first three weeks of the semester. Students must re-apply each semester that they are eligible. Four semesters of membership, including one semester using senior grades, are required in order to graduate as a CSF Sealbearer. All Sealbearers will receive certificates of membership and the CSF Chapter Seal will be affixed to their diploma. Sealbearers who have been active members (completed 3 assigned tutoring hours each semester) for at least four semesters will wear a gold cord at graduation.