My name is Jacie Garavito. This is my first year teaching. I have been a para-professional for the past two years. My family and I moved to Texas a year ago from New Mexico. I am engaged to an amazing man whom serves the same passion for educating students. We have a 2 year old son named James Dean, who changed our lives. I received my bachelors degree in Individualized Studies where I emphasized on Education at New Mexico State University in 2015. I have been working with children for five years in multiple programs. I am dedicated person to my work and my family. I am excited for the 2017-2018 school year and teaching 4th grade.

4th Grade -Reading, Writing

Winter 2018

Lesson plans:

Reading- =Point of View/ Inferencing , Non-Fiction text, Vocabulary

Writing- Narrative Prompts

Educational Websites



Contact Info:


Conference Time 8:35-9:20 pm (Monday-Friday)

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Class Schedule: We have 3 rotations: ELA ,Social Studies (1), Math (2), Writing (3).

7:50-8:35- PATH

8:40-9:20- AMP

9:20:10:45 eLA (1)

10:45-11:30- ELA (2)

11:30-12:30- Lunch/Recess

12:30-1:15- ELA (Cont...)(2)

1:15-2:35 ELA - (3)

2:35-2:50- Homerooom/ DISMISSAL

*Tutoring is offered every Tuesday and Thursday until 4pm. Note: Transportation will not be provided, and if late more than twice, your child will be removed from the session.

*Homework: Reading Logs 100 minutes of reading weekly. Due every Thursday. spelling homework for 100 points. If 100 points aren't met students will take spelling test on Fridays.

please contact me if you did not receive the log.