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Encyclopedia articles, maps, videos, nonfiction eBooks and other multimedia content on a broad range of topics.

World Book Student Video Overview (14:45 minutes) -COS students use Google Drive instead of World Book My Research and NoodleTools instead of WB Citation Builder

Support for the research process with help to choose a research topic and find authoritative information to support research claims. Magazines, newspapers, transcripts and digitized reference book content, more than seven million images, maps, websites, videos and interactive simulations, all expertly curated by ProQuest editors.

Support for research and understanding of Leading Issues. Curated coverage of pros and cons on social issues.

Cultural information, multimedia and statistics for countries of the world , U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

CultureGrams Video Overview (4:19 minutes)

Educational videos, activities and games to enhance learning of all subjects

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Recommended Database - Brittanica Digital Learning

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