In his seminal article, The Educated Person, (written in 1995) Ernest Boyer, a distinguished educator on whose philosophy much of the PYP is based, asked this important question:

“As we anticipate a new century, I am drawn back to questions that have, for generations, perplexed educators and philosophers and parents. What is an educated person? What should schools be teaching to students?”

He answers this question saying:

“It [the purpose of education] means developing one's own aptitudes and interests and discovering the diversity that makes us each unique. And it means becoming permanently empowered with language proficiency, general knowledge, social confidence, and moral awareness in order to be economically and civically successful.”

George Couros, another noted educator and author of The Innovator’s Mindset, asks this same question today. In one of his recent blogposts he asks if school is “about doing well on tests or something more?” Like him, we, at BIS, believe that it is about something more.

To quote from our own Constitution, BIS believes that the purpose of our school is to

“Cultivates and develop the character of the children;

Awaken an interest in natural phenomena and teach children to respect and enjoy learning, and equip them with the discipline and skill of learning;

Foster development of independent, liberal and creative thinking minds;

Create appreciation, understanding, and respect for all fellow beings and their diverse cultural backgrounds;

Help children to face the changing world of today, thereby preparing children to take an active and responsible role as future citizens.”

Couros says in his article, “What we assess often drives our teaching…” The Exhibition is an assessment of how far we have succeeded in honouring the school’s vision.

For this year's exhibition, the students chose to anchor their inquiries to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Each group chose a goal which it could identify with strongly. They then took action based on their inquiry. This website showcases their projects and their reflections.

We hope that through this process we are helping our students fulfill the school's and the IB's shared vision of helping children become responsible world citizens.

Nita Luthria Row

Head Junior School


The exhibition process has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. We’ve had highs, lows, and the swinging in between. As teachers, we must admit that this journey has been an inquiry for us too. We have reached far further than we had expected to and we are more than proud of our little "Harbingers of Change." We hope they have taken the first step to a journey of a 1000 miles.

Team PYPx

We are so excited to share the process with you.

Click on the interactive image below to view a summary of each stage. Do not forget to click on the plus sign!

Disclaimer - No trees were harmed in the process of making this exhibition. The students maintained an electronic journal to document their learning. We used old cartons and newspapers to make displays for the final day.

Meet the team

Teaching Team

Grade 5 Homeroom Team

Radha Prasad

Ketaki Mavinkure

Komal Mehta - Assistant teacher

Pooja Bajaj - Asst. PYP Coordinator

and Tech Integrator

Anuja Sanghvi - Teacher Mentor

Nilufer Marshal - Visual Art

Shruti Podar - Visual Art Intern

Prerana Satardekar - Librarian

Parent Mentors

Nidhi Variava

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Shoma Narayanan

Priya Doctor

Jabeen Menon

Sajeda Mewawala

Megha Mawandia

Sumangali Gada

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Heather Kaikini

and all the other parents who helped us

so willingly in big ways and small.