What if the Brow Pro/Lip Pro Machine does not turn on?

Check if the Control Panel is connected to the Power Adaptor and if the Adaptor is properly plugged in. Ensure the electrical outlet is working. If the problem persists, inspect the cables and Adaptor for wear and tear. Replace as needed.

How do I turn off the Machine?

Press the On button to power off.

Can the same cable fit into the Brow Pro and Lip Pro machines? 

No. There are two different connection cables for the Brow Pro and Lip Pro machines, with different cable connecting heads inserted into each machine. Refer to the machine pictures.

Can I use either Control Panel with my Brow Pro and Lip Pro machines?

 Yes, both the Brow Pro and Lip Pro control panels are the same, as well as the USB-C Power Adaptor cables. They can be used interchangeably.

What needle length should I use for best color retention?

The needle length should be between 1-1.5 mm.

What happens if I set my needle too long or too short?

If the needle is too long, the color won't deposit, causing minor bleeding. If it's too short, it results in excessive pigment flow and insufficient color penetration.

Which speed do you recommend for doing brows?

 Personal preference varies. We recommend doing shading at speed 1 and hair strokes at speed 2.

Which speed do you recommend for doing lips?

Speed 10-14 are recommended. For ideal color retention, avoid going too light; and if you notice bleeding, you're going too deep, which can cause scabbing and color loss.

 Which function is used for scalp treatment?

The pulsing function on the Brow Pro machine is specially designed for scalp treatment. 

What if the needle is stuck in the Cartridge or not moving at all?

Replace with a new Needle Cartridge. Do not disassemble the Cartridge, as it may cause contamination or injury.

What if the needle is making an unusual noise?

Ensure the Needle Cartridge is secure to prevent detachment. Avoid overtightening to prevent needle immobility. If unusual noises occur, replace the Cartridge. Incorrect needle length can 

 also cause noise.

Does the Brow Pro/Lip Pro machine need to be oiled?

 No, the Brow Pro/Lip Pro’s advanced design does not require oil.

 What if there is still a problem with the Brow Pro/Lip Pro Machine?

Contact your sales representative to determine if your machine is defective. Check the warranty information and request a replacement device if needed. For any other questions about your

machine, contact your sales representative.