Dactyscan 84c Slap Fingerprint Scanner

STQC certified for Aadhaar Enrollment

DactyScan 84c – STQC Certified Slap FingerPrint Scanner

✓ Fingerprint Scanner

✓ Certified for Aadhaar Enrollment projects

✓ Suitable for Police & AFIS projects

✓ Used in over 1000 Passport Offices in India

✓ Elimination of Latent Prints

✓ Used in over 7 States for Aadhaar enrollment

High Quality Fingerprint Image Captured with Scanner in Aadhaar Application

Actual Finger Scanning (Enrolment) Process

DactyScan84c Certificates Brochure

3. DactyScan84c_User Manual_1.0_ENG.pdf
2. Dactyscan84c_STQC_Certificate.pdf
4. ISO 9001-2008_RINA_signed.pdf

Photo Gallery For Aadhaar Installation