West Middle Water Walk

WE RAISED $3,385 for Kapululuka School & the Lilongwe Community in Malawi!!!

The 7th grade students at West Middle School hosted a water walk to try to get healthy water for an undeveloped country.

Millions of kids a day miss out on having a good education because they have to work and walk miles just to get unhealthy water. Kids and adults get sick. 844 million people lack basic drinking water. This dirty water can cause many diseases like Guinea worm disease,Typhoid, and Dysentery and also Waterborne Diseases.

The seventh graders of West Middle believed that people should not suffer and lack basic needs because of where they were born. So they did something about it. Their walk was intended to bring our community together and increase awareness of how we are all connected and in need of supporting one another. The funds we raised will directly benefit Kapaluluka Primary School in Malawi, Africa by providing them a sustainable fresh water source and hygiene facilities.

Picture of African Continent

Event Details:

When: May 18th from 1:20-2:30

Where: West Middle School

What: 7th Grade students and registered walkers will be walking with a gallon of fresh water around Recreation Park to bring awareness and raise funds. Students and community members who walk will get pledges or donations through the H2O for Life Website in advance. West Middle will also be hosting some simple outdoor events including: student created carnival games, bake sale, exhibits, etc.

Who: Community members are encouraged to do the walk with us and to raise pledges to do so. Participants are required to register at the link below.

We are lucky to have James Leitner coming to start our event. James will be speaking of his work in Tanzania and Kenya bringing clean water to villages. Additionally, James walked 3,250-miles across the US while pulling 10 gallons of water to show how far a child walks in a year!

1.3 mile walking Route from WMS around Rec Park

Our Kick Off Event Speaker: James Leitner

For less than the cost of a fancy coffee you could make a huge impact on a community! Many well projects cost less than $5,000. So it only takes 500 people giving $10 or 1,000 people giving $5 to save a whole community. Use the links below to join us or donate!

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