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Teachers Integrating & Learning Technology

TILT, which stands for Teachers Integrating and Learning Technology, is a highly successful staff development program developed by Desiree Caskey. Teachers who are accepted into this rigorous 3-year program learn through the phases below with fellow growth-minded colleagues.

TILT Programs 2018-2019

Is an exploration of technology tools in a safe collaborative environment.

Phase I teachers will complete several hands-on projects, improve their technology skills in a variety of areas, and become proficient in accessing and using Google Apps for Education, iPads, and the Mac OS.

Continues exploration, but the focus turns toward enhancing the content in one's curricular area.

Phase II teachers will focus on creating a classroom environment in which technology is seamlessly integrated with purpose.

Emphasizes professional growth through the planning and delivering of professional development opportunities for colleagues.

Phase III teachers will emerge as leaders and mentors, assisting other teachers to improve pedagogy, both with and without technology.

NCCE 2017 Ignite - TILT!