Mac's Page

My name is Steve Macartney. I teach sophomore English and coach speech and debate at West High School in Billings, Montana. This is my site. For more information about my classes, please find the 10th grade novels from School District 2's most recent list of approved literature , welcome letter and guidelines for students in Honors English 2 and the Speech and Debate class, as well as the College Intro to Public Speaking syllabus.

During the autumn of 2010, I lamented during class one day that I did not have a website filled with helpful information for my students to use to give them tips to improve their writing. Hours later, a website appeared under the direction of students David Lindenbaum and Ivan Mattie. Through their generosity and skill, my very first website was born.

In many ways that site was superior to this one. It was created and maintained by students, and it allowed students the freedom to collaborate and share ideas with each other. However, when David, Ivan, and all the students who gave life and vitality to that site moved on (all 2013 graduates), the site became the cyber-equivalent of a ghost town and fell into disuse.

This is now the second Google site I have created since I abandoned David and Ivan's seminal site. It continues to evolve and change every year as student needs change as well. If you have any suggestions to make the site better, or if the site lacks something that you need, please send me an email and let me know how I can better serve you.

~Steve Macartney