Coaching Records

This page shows the coaching history of the Skyview Girls Soccer program (listed chronologically starting with most recent). For each coach, the page shows games coached, win/loss record, win percentage (Win+.5Ties/Total Games), and number of Conference/State Titles won.

Coach Cameron Icenoggle

Cameron Icenoggle

Years Coached: 2016-Present (5 seasons) Games Coached: 78

Games Won: 53 Games Lost: 15

Games Tied: 10 Win Percentage: 74%

Conference Titles: 2 (2018, 19) State Titles: 1 (2018)

Assistant Coaches: Colin Welsh (2016-Present)

Jessica Spang (2018-Present)

Lewis Polkow (2020-Present)

Wyatt Witty (2016-2017)

Coach John Wisler

John Wisler

Years Coached: 2007-2015 (9 Seasons) Games Coached: 132

Games Won: 57 Games Lost: 57

Games Tied: 18 Win Percentage: 50%

Conference Titles: 0 State Titles: 0

Assistant Coaches: Erin Stockton (2014-2015)

Cameron Icenoggle (2012-2013, 2015)

Brittany Doctor (2010-2011)

Tia Sutton (2007-2009)

Image Not Available

Megan Parish

Years Coached: 2004-2006 (3 Seasons)