Meet Our Staff

Main Office

Julie Hornby, Principal:

Lindsay Blackburn, Secretary,


First Grade

Kandi Munger:

Brooke Young:

Rebecca Rickett:

Shauna Rademaker:

Grandma Audrey Kemp: Foster Grandparent

Second Grade

Kally Miller:

Dale Corcoran:

Tonya Scheafer:

Third Grade

Fourth & Fifth Grade

Darla Williams:

Lynette Brug:

Holly Rader:

Abby Mulvaney (St. Teacher): email TBA
Karson Kidgell:

Kayla Bacon:


Kristen Engeberetson (IPP):

McKinsey Loran:


Nikki Salazar, Counselor,

Alexis Buss: PE,

Andy Meyer, Librarian,

Erin Small, Music,

Amber Dimich, Art,

Primary Life Skills

Intermediate Life Skills

Lori Tsatsa, SNA,

Courtney Vagner, SNA,

Cherie Salman, SNA,

Tracey Urlacher, SNA,

Intensive Life Skills

Maddie Larson, SNA,

Vanessa Bailey, SNA,

Mike Sullivan, SNA,


Robin Hamm, IPP,

Misty Larsen, IPP,

Connie Job, IPP,


Rosemary Scyphers
& Shelly Roll

Kimberley Malloy
& Alyssa Woods

Makayla Bonogofsky

Special Needs Assistant

Elaine Archer
& Paula Binstock

Katie Dunham
& Megan Jacobs

Shannon Braun
& Stephanie Warner

Debbie Davis


Austin Carter

Computer Technician

Janelle Clark

Reading Coach

Marianne Mattson


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