Ben Steele Library

Always available during the summer!

Go to the Sora Digital Library to access great E-Books and Audio Books during summer vacation!

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Billings public library summer reading program

Sign up for the Billings Public Library Summer Reading Program Here on June 6.

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Phone: 601-1662

Regular hours: 7:40 - 3:40

Wednesday hours: 7:40 - 2:40 (If Librarians need to leave for meetings, the closing time is 2:10)

Library Rules:

  • Masks are required at all times.

  • No food, gum, drinks. Water is OK.

  • Computers are for school work only and may only be used when a class is scheduled to use the lab.

  • Clean up your work area before leaving, log off computers, push in chairs, etc.

  • Disinfect online catalog chromebook, if used.

  • Treat others with respect.

Book checkout policies

  • Students can have two books out at a time for 3 weeks.

  • The due date is stamped at the front of the book.

  • Please bring your ID badge or student planner with ID barcode with you to the library.

  • Please bring library books that may need to be turned in or renewed.

  • If you think your library book is missing, please visit with a librarian.

  • Bring damaged library books to Mrs. Doles or Mrs. Grewell. Please do not tape or glue these yourself.

  • When students are finished with their library books, they should be put in the book return at the front of the library. Ask a librarian if you aren't sure where this is!

Mrs. Doles, Librarian

I’m Andrea Doles, one of your Ben Steele librarians. This is my 5th year at Ben Steele. Before working at BSMS, I was a librarian at Will James for 19 years. I’m an alum of Montana State University Bozeman (Go Bobcats!) where I received my BA in English with a K-12 Library Media certification. In 2013, I finished the Technology Integration Master’s from Lesley University. When not working in the library, I enjoy doing family research, embroidery, reading, and spending time with my family and cats.

Mrs. Grewell, librarian

Hello, I am Denise J Grewell, the other Ben Steele librarian. This is my 1st year at Ben Steele, but I have been a librarian for 37 years. My family and I raise cattle (and horses and chickens and pigs) on our ranch halfway to Red Lodge. I am blessed with three children and five grandchildren. In my spare time, I love to read, ride horses, and attend sporting events.