For Families: Workshops for Bilingual and Multilingual Families

I offer workshops for parents and caregivers of children that grow up with more than one language. The workshops provide you with answers to some common questions and concerns on bilingual language acquisition such as:

  • What do I do when my children mix the two languages?
  • What do I do when my children are reluctant to speak my language?
  • When should my children start to learn English?
  • Does bilingualism cause language delay?
  • What about reading and writing in the home language?, etc.

We look at research findings to provide you with answers to your specific questions. As a workshop participant, you also fill out a questionnaire about the language goals you have for your family, your family’s language use patterns and the language issues you are faced with so that we can determine strategies specific to your family for successfully raising bilingual and multilingual children.

Contact me to request a workshop in your area.

For Families: Personalized Consultation for Bilingual and Multilingual Families

Family-specific consultations are tailored to your family, covering the languages spoken in your family, your family's language use pattern, language goals and problems, strategies for successfully raising your child to become bilingual or multilingual, as well as answers to your questions and concerns about multilingualism.

Possible add-on - Customized Report: If requested, I am happy to prepare a customized report for you based on our discussion of your family situation. The customized written report (5 - 10 pages) provides you with an assessment of your family's linguistic environment, strategies and recommendations for successfully raising your children with two or more languages.

Contact me to request a personalized consultation for your family.

For Schools and Educators: Presentations on Child Multilingualism

I offer presentations for professionals such as early childhood educators (ECE), librarians, community health nurses, speech language pathologists (SLP), doctors, teachers and school administrators on a variety of topics surrounding child multilingualism, e.g.:

  • Learning to read and write in two or more languages,
  • French immersion,
  • Bilingualism in children with language disorders (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, specific language impairment),
  • Multilingual children in school, etc.

Contact me to request a presentation for you and your colleagues.

For Professionals: Research Projects on Child Multilingualism

If you have a specific research project or question with respect to child multilingualism, please contact me with your inquiry.