Student Services

Academic Resource Center

Tutoring is available for all students during study halls and after school Monday & Wednesday 3:00-5:00 pm and Thursday 3:00-4:15 pm.

Mrs. Stacie Sheppard

Alternative Education Programming

The Alternative Education Program at Big Foot High School provides a learning environment where all students can succeed and reach their goal of receiving a Big Foot High School diploma. Other goals of the program include helping students reach full academic potential, teaching self management skills, providing positive reinforcement, building character and a sense of social responsibility, and mentoring students with post-secondary goals and opportunities.

English Language Services

Big Foot's English Learners programming provides supports to English learners (EL) to become proficient in academic English to better prepare them for their post-secondary experiences

Mrs. Lourdes Lasanta

Mr. John Karabas

Mrs. Dani Lawler

Mr. Jeff Fenrick

Mr. Mike Pitassi

Special Education Services

Services provided for students with individual education needs. Teachers working in the program are Mr. John Karabas, Mrs. Dani Lawler, Mr. Jeff Fenrick, and Mr. Michael Pitassi.


Big Foot's paraprofessionals support Big Foot High School students who are EL or have individualized education needs. Specialists working in the program are Mrs. Beth Grever, Mrs. Rochelle Freymiller, Mrs. Kim Pitassi, Mr. Jorge Pichardo, Mrs. Mary Warfel, and Mrs. Desiree Stopczynski.

Mrs. Beth Grever

Mrs. Rochelle Freymiller

Mrs. Kim Pitassi

Mr. Jorge Pichardo

Mrs. Mary Warfel