Pep Band

Pep Band @ BFHS

The BFHS Pep Band has been entertaining crowds and building school spirit for decades. The band performs at various sporting events, school events, and the occasional field trip throughout the school year. All students are invited to join Pep Band regardless of their involvement in a curricular ensemble.

Students can earn up to 10 lettering points for performing in Pep Band consistently during the year.

Please make note of the calendar of performances and communicate any absences to Mr. Raskin via email.

Pep Band To Perform for the Milwaukee Bucks!

DATE: Wednesday, November 28th

Milwaukee Bucks Itinerary 18
Pep Band Performances 2018-2019 (1).pdf

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Q: I'm in middle school, can I play in pep band?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We always welcome 8th grade students to participate in pep band at BFHS. Contact Mr. Raskin making sure to tell him what grade you're in and what instrument you play.

Q: I don't have band in my class schedule, can I still play in pep band?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We're always looking for new band members. Stop down to see Mr. Raskin and to pickup music.

Q: Is pep band graded?

A: No, but there are two required pep band performances for all band members (Homecoming parade/halftime show & MS Pep Band night).

Q: What's in it for me?

A: In addition to getting to hand out with your friends and supporting your school, you also become eligible for lettering points. Earn enough lettering points by participating in after school music ensembles and you could earn a letter in band. We also take special field trips, buy cool apparel, and get to travel with the teams when they go to state competitions.

Q: I play sports, should I still do pep band?

A: Yes! Mr. Raskin plays sports and is a musician. You can do both activities while in high school. In fact, we recommend it!

Q: Does it cost money to be in pep band?

A: Yes. There is apparel that pep band members must wear to games. There are a variety of items with the same logo so there is sure to be something that fits any budget. Occasionally we take field trips that have a fee associated but can sometimes be paid for through fundraisers. (If finances are a concern, please join pep band and speak with Mr. Raskin about the Band Gives Back program).

Contact Mr. Raskin with further questions!