Scaling HQPBL for Deeper Learning Impact Project

April 2018 | Vol. 1, No. 1

What is the Scaling HQPBL for DL Impact project?

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation put forth a national challenge for research practice partnerships to design projects to scale deeper learning practices and answer the question, "Why don’t all students graduate high school with proficient levels of deeper learning competencies they need to be prepared for success in careers and citizenship?" The Buck Institute for Education and key partners designed a project to learn what it takes to scale high quality Project Based Learning..<read more


Scaling HQPBL Project Launch

The Scaling HQPBL project leadership team representing all four research practice partner organizations (Buck Institute for Education (project lead & practitioner support partner), Manchester School District (district partner), Pearl City-Waipahu Complex Area (district partner), and Education Northwest (district partner) met in Novato, California in BIE's home office on January 29-30, 2017 to launch the project.

From left to right: Melissa Nadeau (School Renewal Specialist, Pearl City-Waipahu Complex Area), Julie Petrokubi (Senior Advisor, Youth Development & Evaluation, Education Northwest), Sarah Shannon (Director of District & School Leadership, Buck Institute for Education), Amy Allen (Assistant Superintendent, Manchester School District), Caitlin Scott (Research & Evaluation Manager, Education Northwest), Katie Martin (Director of District & School Leadership, Buck Institute for Education), Julia Freeland Fisher (Education Director, Clayton Christensen Institute), & Sally Kingston (Senior Director of Research & Evidence, Buck Institute for Education)

Project Launch in Manchester School District

On March 12, 2018, school leadership teams from all of Manchester School District's 22 schools came together at Southern New Hampshire University to launch the Project. On the 12th, teams engaged in BIE"s Project Slice, an immersive experience that is designed for educators to engage in a "slice" or a project as learners. Over 130 MSD educators answered the Project Slice's driving question: How can we move others to action using evidence? To answer this question, teams engaged in an inquiry process, reviewing district data, interviewing students, teachers, and school leaders. They shared what they learned in three-minute digital presentations that included compelling images, quantitative data, and qualitative data to inspire others to action.

School teams came together again on March 16 to engage in a Visioning Session to engage in discussion about Why PBL. Check out these two videos: Start with Why and Know Your Why.

"You could feel the excitement and witness the learning in the room. Teachers and Leaders from K-12 were collaborating and sharing the learner experience. PBL will provide an equitable, personalized, rigorous learning environment for all students leading to readiness for college, careers, and citizenship. This work will put the students and learners at the center of all we do."

~Amy Allen, assistant superintendent, Manchester School District

On April 5-6, 2018, school leadership team from all of Pearl City-Waipahu Complex Area's 17 schools came together at Waipahu Intermediate School to launch the project. Similar to Manchester School District, school leadership teams engaged in a Project Slice and Vision Day. As part of the Visioning Day, school and district leadership teams created 90-second videos to communicate their vision for PBL and how it aligns to Hawaii’s General Learner Outcomes. The superintendent and district team participated fully for both days. Check out the Momilani Elementary School leadership team (below) as they create a plan to design space at Waipahu Intermediate School to answer the driving question: How do you redesign a public space to promote a social benefit?

"Over the last two days, our complex area has experienced and recognized the potential impact of project based learning on individual student deeper learning outcomes. We are most excited about the collective impact deeper learning outcomes will have in our complex area for all students! Our school community welcomes this opportunity to transform our learning environments to create future collaborators and leaders!"

~Melissa Nadeau, school renewal specialist, Pearl City-Waipahu Complex Area


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