Student Spotlight: Steven Cash

Best Wishes to BCHS Baseball

April 29, 2021

Madisyn Carter, Sports Marketing Student BCHS

The Bibb County High School baseball team is loaded with talent. One player that catches people’s attention is Steven Cash. Cash is the starting pitcher for the varsity baseball team. He stands at a solid height of 6’1 and weighs around 170 pounds. The BCHS Junior has been extremely successful during his career on the varsity team.

He and his team hit a wall last season when Covid-19 hit last year. Their season was ripped away and training ceased. Cash says the hardest part of returning to train and play during a pandemic is having to wear a mask while working out and having the fear that the season could end at any moment. He says that the pandemic made the team stronger and pushed them to give every game their all because it truly could be their last. He has pitched for 49.2 innings on the season. With an 8-0 record, 105 strikeouts, and a .846 ERA, Steven Cash is a name you will want to remember.

He gives his dad credit for his success. Cash says his dad has never let him quit and taught him not to give up even when things are not easy. He also says his dad spent many years coaching him through little league baseball. Steven has been playing baseball for thirteen years. He started with South Bibb Dixie Youth, moved to Centreville Middle School, and has now been on the Bibb County High School Varsity team for three years. He plays travel ball during the summer with the East Coast Sox. Cash has big plans for his future, and would like to be a strength training coach. He “enjoys seeing young athletes make strides toward their athletic careers.” Cash says that the beginning of the season was very rough, but out of that brought a productive and focused season for the team.

Steven also has other hobbies such as singing and playing guitar at his local church, Centreville Baptist. Steven is currently doing virtual school to avoid any chance of being quarantined for the playoffs. He says his daily routine looks a little like this: “My daily routine looks like waking up at 7:30, drinking a protein shake, and working on school work until around 10. I then eat breakfast while doing school work until around 11. Then I workout for about an hour and eat lunch and do school work until 2 when I go to baseball practice until around 5.” Cash is looking forward to the upcoming game on Friday, and says “It is always tough playing on the road, especially during playoffs. If we play the way we are supposed to play, we can compete against anyone in the state.” Best of luck to the Bibb County High School Baseball Team as they travel to play the Dale County Warriors!