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3rd period - Geometry

4th Period - Algebra 2

6th Period - Geometry

7th Period - Algebra 2

8th Period - Geometry

Contact Information


phone: 708-371-3600 ext 3229

Class Information is available on Google Classroom. Notes, homework, and homework answers are posted on a daily basis for both Geometry and Algebra 2.


Mr. Matushek first started teaching in 2003 in Philadelphia as part of Teach For America. After finishing his two year commitment there, Mr. Matushek moved back to the southside of Chicago and started teaching at his local high school, George Washington High School. In 2008, Mr. Matushek and his wife moved to the south suburbs and he began teaching at Bremen. This is Mr. Matushek's 15th year teaching.

Mr. Matushek's core belief is that every student can be successful, no matter what life struggles are present. Mr. Matushek's math classes try to emulate a college classroom in that 70% of the grade is based on tests, with homework, reviews, and quizzes each making up 10% of the remaining grade. Mr. Matushek offers his students to retake any test that he/she may choose with the added assistance of Bremen's study hall math tutor, Mrs. Collins. Tests are the key. Quizzes cannot be retaken, but test scores do replace them as a summative assessment. No late homework or reviews are accepted.

Mr. Matushek loves taking pictures, and he loves sharing that with Bremen and all the students. All the pictures that Mr. Matushek takes will be posted here for everyone to see, with some even ending up in frames in the hallway of Bremen. If you would like a poster of a print, please contact Mr. Matushek.