Monument Mountain Regional High School

National Honor Society

Mitchell Hoyt Birkett- President | Ms Valarie Zantay- Faculty Advisor

Meetings are first and third Fridays at 7:30 in Rm B-03

Please share this site with your parents.

Mandatory NHS Service:

Induction Ceremony: Nov. 4 at 6:00

‚ÄčSeniors - Freshman orientation Wed. Aug. 29

Pick 1

  • Open house night in Oct. Help parents navigate the building.
  • Ushering for the program of studies night in March
  • March Senior Citizen Musical with Homemade desserts.

June 2 Graduation Breakfast - Juniors serve

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Inductees

‚ÄčThe induction ceremony is Sunday, November 4 at 6pm