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Becky Morton is a geospatial professional with over 25 years in the survey/mapping field. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with graduate studies in computer science. She is certified by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) as a Photogrammetrist and Mapping Scientist. She has held numerous positions of leadership within the technical divisions of ASPRS and currently serves as the Immediate Past President. She started her mapping career with Horizons, Inc. (now Fugro) in Rapid City, SD. Ms. Morton is founder and President of GeoWing Mapping, Inc., based in Richmond, CA, focused on new technologies in survey and mapping.

Digital Mappers - Are We Bracing for the Future or Embracing the Future?

The industry of digital mapping is racing forward at a dizzying speed incorporating new technologies. The last two decades can be considered a “Golden Age of Digital Mapping” from the perspective of achievement. The foundations of geospatial science have advanced from drafting tables to sophisticated computer-­‐vision systems that provide black-­‐box or push-­‐button solutions to tasks that previously were entrusted only to our most advanced geospatial professionals. This golden age has developed technologies to capture specific wavelengths of light, measure infinitesimal angles in space, record multiple returns from a single light pulse, and move massive quantities of such data through “the cloud” – all for the purpose of a better map.

Professionals in this industry need to be equipped with knowledge from many scientific-­‐technical fields including computer science, surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, multi-­‐media, robotics, and visualization. The prospects are exciting but also somewhat overwhelming, especially when confronted by disruptive technology emerging nearly daily. Professional success requires that we embrace these changes rather than brace ourselves against them.

This talk will explore ideas of the digital-­‐mapper’s place in the evolving geospatial industry, encourage collaboration and mentorship, and call for mapping that provides a positive impact on the future of our planet and the health and safety of the people, plants and animals that are its inhabitants.

In summary, “The future ain’t what it used to be”. (Yogi Berra)

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The Black Hills Digital Mapping Association originated in the early 1990's because of a need for the development of digital data in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Geographic Information System base data layers were desired, and coordination and sharing of funds between local counties, the state, the US Forest Service, and the USGS enabled the creation of these digital products. The group continues to meet on an annual basis because there is a strong desire among members to learn about new technologies, learn how GIS projects are being implemented in this region, receive training, and learn about data sharing opportunities.

The organization registered with the State of South Dakota as a non-profit corporation in 2005. The membership base includes representatives from all levels of government (Federal, State, County, and City), academia, tribal, and the private sector, and includes over 100 members.

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