This website details the findings of a voluntary survey conducted from June 8 through June 13, 2020 by BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc (BTS) to identify and report on the impact to Regional Center Vendors who provide services to the North Los Angeles Regional Center (NLACRC) and other nearby Regional Centers.

Vendors received an email from NLACRC requesting they complete the survey and BTS verified raters' identities, collected the data, and analyzed the results. More details can be found by clicking here.

Please note that this survey is gathers data from other websites for tables and graphs. As a result, there may be a delay of a few to several seconds all of the information to appear when a page is first opened.

Summary of Findings

This survey was completed by 128 Regional Center vendors between June 8 and June 13. They serve a combined total of nearly 27,000 Regional Center consumers across all ages. While approximately 90% of respondents reported "No Significant Change" to their businesses in December 2019 and January 2020, the number completely flipped by March 2020, with only 13% reporting "No Impact". This number dropped further to an average of 5.5% for April and May 2020. For those months, 46% of vendors reported the impact was "Severe" or "Extreme" and 27% to 31% reported it was "Moderate." Between March and April, 80-88% of vendors served fewer consumers, provided fewer billable hours or had fewer billable days.

A combination of factors led to this impact. The most significant finding was that 70% of respondents reported they were unable or visit consumers at their residences. This coincided with equally high reports that families were either not interested in receiving services or were unwilling or unable to come to providers' offices.

Telehealth services proved extremely valuable in helping to fill the void for many providers. Of those providers who could benefit from employing telehealth services in March, 95% of provided services from March 2020 forward. Please refer to the page links especially under the "Results" section, for more information, especially for Telehealth.

Special Thanks

Thanks to all of the vendors who so willingly gave of their time in completing this survey.

Additionally, the following Sub-Workgroup Members provided considerable valuable information and feedback:

  • Alisha Noterman

  • David Pyles

  • Jody Stiegemeyer

  • Gabriela Sanchez

  • Ty Tucker

  • Daniel Callahan

  • Trudy Callahan

  • Andrew Collette

  • Ute Escorcia

  • Vittorio Matinata, Jr.

Survey design, data analysis, and website development completed by Bruce M. Gale, PhD.