BF-DC Eagle Softball

“Everybody has a part. For the standard to be the standard in that stadium. It don’t matter who we play, what time we play, where we play. It’s Everybody COMMITTED to doing their best on and off the field in everything that we do.”

- Brent Venables



Leadership is important, a leader is defined as an act of leading a group of people or organization.

A leader does not have to be a senior, a leader can be anyone who shows aspects of creating an environment. This can be a freshman to a senior.

Seniors are expected to lead.

Seniors are expected to show underclassmen how equipment should be taken care of, how clean up should be done, and to act towards coaches and other players.

This team and this group will be full of great leaders.


Commitment is the state of being dedicated to a specific cause or activity.

Commitment is key to a successful team, we need everyone to show up everyday to again, do their specific role or job for their teammates.

We understand that their are specific circumstances that will occur during the year. I am flexible, but be proactive instead of reactive.

We all have to be committed to become a successful team.

Always be on time


Communication is defined as the means of sending and receiving information.

Communication is key to a successful team

Communication is vital on and off the field.

On the field communication will be used to communicate where the ball should go on a certain play, where to throw the ball on a certain play, and or to cheer on your team. Communication is vital in the dugout.

Also off the field communication is key, being proactive is better than being reactive. If you are going to miss practice for any reason please talk to me first whereas reactive is not letting me know and dealing with the consequences after the fact.


We should respect each other, there will not be any disrespect to another teammate or player.

Care about each other by taking care of each other.

Be respectful to all, even when you do not feel you are getting the same in return.

Respect your teachers in the classroom, have good attitudes about assignments, and be the best you can be to your parents.


Respect your coaches, always say yes ma'am no ma,am and yes sir and no sir.

Coaches will have the utmost respect for the players as well, coaches will not disrespect the players under any circumstances.

Coaches are here as a guide to provide the best information to make you the best players you all can be.

Coaches will provide information that is expected to be received and watch on google classroom.

When being coached do not have an attitude, we care about you and your success in being not only a better player but a better person.


The classroom matters.

Respecting your teachers is important even when you feel they are not respecting you.

By respecting and acting how you are supposed to in class, the teacher is more willing to go the extra mile mile to help you when you are struggling.

I will be getting reports throughout the season and getting reports on how you are acting in class.

Your grades are important, this is one of your jobs, this helps the team, being unable to play only hurts the team and the sisterhood.

Eagle DNA

Positivity Hard Work

Respect Commitment

Loyalty FUN!!

Softball Expectations and Rules