Library of Things

Most of these items can only be checked out in person unless they have a "check availability" button. 

Visit the Information Desk on the 2nd floor of the library to check these items out and for more information on the items available.

All American Sun oven

Anything you can cook in a conventional electric or gas oven and most things you can cook on a stovetop can be cooked in a SUN OVEN. Accessory Kit is included in checkout

Haines 1 Solar Oven

Separate from SCI's PEP testing, Haines Solar Cookers conducted their own non-ISO-based tests. "It boils water 50% faster than any other panel or box cooker." 

GoSun Sport Solar Oven

PORTABLE SOLAR STOVE - Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable package; folding parabolic reflectors protect the cooking tube like a clamshell. Equipped with carrying handles and completely submersible, the Sport is designed for adventure. 

Orion Dobsonian XT8

Simple hands-on, point-and-view navigation without complicated counterweights, gears, clutches, polar alignment, or the need to balance the tube. Easy and fun!

Orion StarBlast Equatorial 

The whole family will enjoy the StarBlast  EQ thanks to its parabolic primary mirror, convenient portability, and easy-to-use operation

Celestron Equatorial

PERFECT ENTRY-LEVEL TELESCOPE: The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is an easy-to-use and powerful telescope. This 127mm Newtonian Reflector offers enough light- gathering ability to see planets, the Moon's craters, distant stars, the Orion Nebula, and more.

Traffic Cones

Check out a set of 6 traffic cones with reflectors and a guide for the maneuverability test set up for your driver's education needs. Or they are great if you are having a family picnic and need to block off an area. 


Do you want to learn the Ukulele? Borrow one for a two-week lending period.  

9-Tray Food Dehydrator

The Chefman 9-Tray Food Dehydrator is perfect for anyone who wanted to try making herbs, snacks, or jerky and wasn't sure if they should spend the money. 

Paper Shredder

Fellowes PS60-2 Paper Shredder available for a two-week checkout. 

Mini Exercise Bike

This mini exercise bike fits under your desk to keep you moving all day. 

CD/Casette Player

Do you want to listen to music CDs or Books on CDs but don't have a device to play them on? We have 4 cd/cassette players available for a two-week checkout. 

Rotating Push-up Bars

These smooth rolling, multi-directional push-up bars are your new secret weapon for home chest workouts, home ab workouts, and upper body strength training. 

Beachbody Tai Cheng Workout Kit

Kit includes Tai Chi Exercise Videos, Martial Arts strength training guide, nutrition food plan, foam roller, and resistance band. 

Ladder Toss         Game      

Easy to learn game that offers interactive family fun.