Beverly High School 



The Beverly Marine Corps JROTC program reaches far beyond the classroom and into the community in developing character, leadership, and civic responsibility in tens of thousands of America's kids. Marine Corps JROTC at its essence is a character education program. The program keeps kids in school, helps them find their way during the turbulent teenage years, and assists them in becoming productive members of their community. Our program produces young men and women who are ready to accept the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship. We are rightfully proud of our contribution to America's future and thankful for the dedicated instructors, staff, school administrators, and communities whose hard work and commitment make the program's success possible. 

Note, there is NO military obligation involved with taking this course. All uniforms, equipment and textbooks are supplied.


1. Each student grades 10-12 must wear a MCJROTC uniform for an entire school day, once a week.

2. Each student must participate in physical fitness. 

Word from MSgt Walters:  In order to lead, you need to take action. My leadership philosophy is below, please read it in order to be familiar with how our MCJROTC team will operate.  

The acronym T.A.K.E. A.C.T.I.O.N. is my leadership philosophy.




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