Better Things, Inc.

Better Things Inc. is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to provide attachment- and trauma-informed support for professionals who provide spiritual, emotional, and physical care for the people in our community.

Attachment and trauma difficulties are two significant barriers to achieving optimal mental health and wellness. Better Things, Inc. was founded to help residents of Aroostook County, Maine overcome those barriers. While every person’s experience is unique, most behavioral and mental health needs are trauma-related. Some sources indicate as many as 90% of individuals have experienced or witnessed at least one traumatic event. The negative impact from such events is healed in the context of healthy attachments. Typically we learn to form healthy attachments in early childhood, however, research has shown more than one-third of parent-child relationships are insecure.

About Us

Our Partnerships:

Better Things, Inc. is led by a volunteer board of directors, including a chair, secretary, and treasurer, with an executive director who serves as an ex-officio board member and oversees daily operations. In order to best achieve the mission and vision, Better Things, Inc. collaborates with churches, schools, clinicians, parachurch ministries, community organizations, and mental health agencies throughout Aroostook County. Better Things, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual identity, marital status, disability, age, national origin, or for any other reason.

Our Vision:

Better Things, Inc. will facilitate improved relationships and posttraumatic growth for the people of Easton, Maine, and Aroostook County as a whole, through care services delivered to caregivers.

Our Mission Statment:

While demonstrating unconditional positive regard in a safe, trustworthy, collaborative, and empowering environment, Better Things, Inc. provides attachment- and trauma-informed support, education, referral, consultation, and short-term counseling services for those who provide care for others, such as clergy, ministry leaders, therapists, first responders, healthcare workers, educational personnel, and their families. Caring for these often-overlooked caregivers is essential and promotes positive change in their lives as well as the lives of those they serve.


Better Things, Inc. offers trauma support by providing education, training, consultation, and short-term crisis counseling including psychological first aid, Critical Incident Desensitization (CID TM ), Acute Traumatic Incident Processing (A-TIP TM ), and grief support ~ as well as referral for therapy when needed. Better Things, Inc.’s services are provided at reduced or no cost to those populations most often impacted by traumatic events, and to those who might otherwise be unable to benefit from such support, including:

  • ministry leaders

  • their spouses

  • schools

  • first responders

  • medical professionals

  • mental health professionals

Contact Us

210 Center Rd (at the Easton Wesleyan Church)

P O Box 4

Easton, ME 04740

For more information, please contact our Executive Director:

Penney Siddiqui, LCSW, CCS, BCPCC, PTSD-S

  • Email: info@betterthingsinc.org

  • Phone: (207) 769-3360