Course Content

Week 9

Thursday 10/19/17

Lesson: Special Right Triangles

Assignment: Special Right Triangle Activity Sheet

Wednesday 10/18/17

Lesson: Law of Sines

Assignment: Law of Sines Practice (pink sheet)

Tuesday 10/17/17

Lesson: Solving for Missing Angles

Assignment: Riddle Sheet

Monday 10/16/17

Lesson: Trig Recap

Assignment: Riddle Sheet

Week 8

Friday 10/13/17

Lesson: Tangent in context (measuring heights outside)


Thursday 10/12/17

Lesson: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Ratios

Assignment: Creme packet

Wednesday 10/11/17

Lesson: Intro to Trig

Assignment: MAZE (green handout)

Tuesday 10/10/17

Lesson: Unit 3 ASSESSMENT


Monday 10/9/17


Assignment: Coordinate Proofs #2 and Unit 3 Review

Week 7

Friday 10/6/17

Lesson: Review Two Column and Coordinate Proofs

Thursday 10/5/17

Lesson: Pythagorean Theorem Review

Assignment: Coordinate Proofs #2

Wednesday 10/4/17

Lesson: Quadrilaterals and Proofs Continued

Assignment: Coordinate Proofs #2

Tuesday 10/3/17

Lesson: Proof Puzzles (breakdown groups)

Monday 10/2/17

Lesson: Quadrilaterals - Proof on the coordinate Plane

Assignment - Coordinate Proofs #1

Week 6

Friday 9/29/17

Lesson: Triangle Congruence Proofs

Assignment: Triangle Congruence #3

Thursday 9/28/17

Lesson: Proving Triangles Congruent Continued

Assignment - Triangle Congruence #2, solutions

Wednesday 9/27/17

Lesson: Proving Triangles Congruent

Assignment - Triangle Congruence #1, solutions

Tuesday 9/26/17

Lesson: Triangle Congruence

Assignment: Triangle Congruence #1, complete problems #14-23

Monday 9/25/17

Lesson: Unit 2 Assessment

Week 5

Friday 9/22/17

TEAM CHALLENGE (15% of grade) & Scavenger Hunt

Assignment: Similarity Review (due Monday)

Thursday 9/21/17

Lesson: Scavenger Hunt and Proof Puzzles

Assignment: Similarity Review (due Monday)

Wednesday 9/20/17

Lesson: Proving Triangles Similar

Assignment: Similarity #4

Tuesday 9/19/17

Lesson: Similar Triangles

Assignment: Similarity #3

Monday 9/18/17

Lesson: Proportions and Similar Figures

Assignment: Similarity #2

Week 4

Friday 9/15/17

Lesson: Dilations and Similar Figures

Assignment: Similarity #1

Thursday 9/14/17

Lesson: Converses and Triangle Inequality


Wednesday 9/13/17

Lesson: Angle Relationships Continued (alt interior, triangle sum)

Assignment: Angle Relationships #2

Tuesday 9/12/17

Lesson: Introduction to Angle Relationships

Assignment: Angle Relationships #1

Monday 9/11/17

Lesson: None// Unit 1 Summative Assessment


Week 3

Friday 9/8/17

Lesson: Review Parallel/Perpendicular Lines, Constructions, Transformations// Team Challenge

More Practice (Review) -- Parallel and Perpendicular, Transformations

Thursday 9/7/17

Lesson: Review Parallel/Perpendicular Lines, Constructions, Transformations

Wednesday 9/6/17

Lesson: Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Tuesday 9/5/17

Lesson: Rotations and Translations on the Coordinate Plane

Assignment: finish Transformations Lesson 2 (Complete B and C on last problem)


Monday 9/4/17

No School! Labor Day :)


Week 2

Friday 9/1/17

Lesson: Reflections on the Coordinate Plane

Assignment: Transformations Lesson 2


Thursday 8/31/17

Lesson: Rotational and Reflection Symmetry// Characteristics of Shapes

Transformations Lesson 1 (solutions, solutions)


Wednesday 8/30/17

Lesson: Constructions and Terms Review

Assignment: Constructions Lesson 5 (answer)


Tuesday 8/29/17

Lesson: Hexagon, Rhombus, Kite, Square, Copy angles and Parallel Lines Constructions

Assignment: Constructions Lesson 5


Monday 8/28/17

Lesson: Perpendicular Lines, Circumcenter and Incenter of Triangles

Assignment: Constructions Lesson 1 (answers), Constructions Lesson 2 (answers) (#1 and 3 only), Constructions Lesson 3 (answer)


Week 1

Friday 8/25/17

Lesson: Constructions: Angle Bisectors and Perpendicular Bisectors

Assignment: Draw a line segment, AB (at least the width of your hand. Using Perpendicular Bisectors, divide the segment into four equal parts.


Thursday 8/24/17

Lesson: Constructing Equilateral Triangles

Assignment: Constructing Equilateral Triangles #1-3 *You do not need a compass for #2, but can free draw circles to help figure out


Wednesday 8/23/17 First day of school! Welcome! :)