There is a new commitment to education in Oregon with the 2019 legislative passage of the Student Success Act (SSA.) When fully implemented, the Student Success Act is expected to invest $1 billion in early learning and K-12 education each year.

The SSA dedicates at least half of its funding to a newly established Student Investment Account (SIA) that will be distributed as non-competitive grants to all Oregon school districts and eligible charter schools. Districts are allowed four broad uses for the grant funds:

- Increasing instructional time

- Addressing student health and safety needs

- Increasing adults/decreasing class size

- Expanding well-rounded learning opportunities.

Bethel School District Proposal

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Programs must also meet students’ behavioral and mental health needs and increase academic achievement as well as reduce disparities among student groups.

The act focuses on students of color; students with disabilities; emerging bilingual students; and students navigating poverty, homelessness, and foster care.

Bethel has developed a process for determining where these additional funds from the Student Investment Account will be directed.

We need your input to help develop a plan to best meet the needs of Bethel students and our community.

Bethel input meetings for specific groups have been scheduled for December and January, with sessions for the greater community set for January 9th and 14th, 6:00-7:30pm in the Willamette High School cafeteria, 1801 Echo Hollow Road.

The district has been/will be engaging with our community in the following ways:

Meetings with families of students with disabilities, students learning English and students/families navigating homelessness.

Providing two different opportunities for community input -- January 9th and 14th, 2020

Input and discussions throughout January 2020 for staff at each of our Bethel schools

Evaluating feedback from various student group meetings and student surveys from last spring

The district is also completing its Continuous Improvement Plan needs-assessment which has included a group of staff, students, and parents reviewing student data.

SSA Schedule

The Application

Finally, the District will submit its Continuous Improvement Plan to the state; Once that’s approved, the District will submit its application for funds through the SIA. This process will likely continue through May 2020.

The district is excited to be going on this journey in order to create more supports for our students, particularly for those who need it the most.

Below are the significant milestones as Bethel completes its application for Student Investment Account funds.

BSD Next Steps Table