Required Application Materials

Bethel Public Schools

District Teacher of the Year Application Information

Bethel Public School Teachers who have been selected as their Building Teacher of the Year and wish to move forward in the process to be considered as Bethel's applicant for the Connecticut Teacher of the Year should submit the following materials to the Assistant Superintendent's Office.

  1. Educational History and Professional Learning Activities
    • Beginning with the most recent, list colleges and universities attended, including postgraduate studies. Indicate degrees earned and dates of attendance.
    • Beginning with the most recent, list teaching employment history, including dates, grade levels, and subject areas.
    • Beginning with the most recent, list professional association memberships, including information regarding offices held and other relevant activities.
    • Beginning with the most recent, list professional learning activities you have designed, facilitated, or presented.
    • Beginning with the most recent, list awards and other recognition of your teaching.

2. Philosophy of Teaching (maximum 750 words)

  • How are your beliefs about teaching demonstrated in your personal teaching style?
  • How do you engage all students in learning, and in what ways does your teaching influence students?

3. Letter of Support

Letter can be written by a colleague, parent/guardian, or student. The letter should provide detailed examples of your work and attest to your qualifications of the District Teacher of the Year.