First Grade

Miss Bibb

Mr. Blake

Miss McCormick

Mrs. Dispenza

Mrs. Stephens

Welcome to First Grade!

The Grade One program is a developmental program, which promotes physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth through guided exploration and direct instruction. Educational experiences are presented in units and take place within a nurturing environment.

Learning to read and write are among the most important skills your child will learn in first grade. The more time your child spends reading and writing, the greater the likelihood that he/she will make continuous progress.

First Grade students explore various topics and themes throughout the year. Some examples include:

Math: Concepts and Strategies with Addition and Subtraction, Measurement, Geometry

ELA: Classroom Communities, Narratives, Nonfiction vs. Fiction Writing Strategies

Science: Communicating with Waves, Design From Nature, Patterns in the Sky

Art: Line, Color Texture, Shape

Music: Voice, Rhythm, Beat, Melody

Physical Education / Health: Fitness, Cooperative Activities, Locomotor Skills

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We encourage you to join our classes on the Bloomz app! We regularly update families with pictures, newsletters, opportunities to volunteer, conferences, and the texting feature is great for quick communication. The app is available on your phone or accessible as a website. We look forward to sharing your child's first grade days with you!