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General Overview

Overview of Option II for Graduation Requirements

The 120 credit requirement set forth may be met in whole or in part through program completion (commonly referred to as "Option II"). 

The January 2004 amendment to N.J.A.C 6A:8-5.1(a)1 clarifies that the Board of Education, in developing their graduation requirements may use a combination of Option I and Option II rather than limiting themselves to only one of the Options. Under Option II, the Board of Education may utilize performance or competency assessment to approve student completion of programs aimed at meeting or exceeding the Core Curriculum Content Standards at the secondary level, including those occurring all or in part prior to a student’s high school enrollment.  

Courses may be taken for credit through Option II only under one of three scenarios: 

1.  The student failed the course and must remediate. 

2.  The course/experience is not offered at Ridge High School. 

3.  Students participating in Ridge Athletics or an approved off-site activity may apply for Option II for Physical Education.

All academic courses that will count toward graduation, including health, must be taken at Ridge. Exceptions may be made for those students who are enrolled in the Shared-Time program with Somerset County Vocational-Technical High School. 


The name of the course/experience, Pass/Fail grade, and appropriate credits will be recorded on the RHS transcript for students approved for said alternative course work upon completion of the course. Students will be responsible for sending an official transcript confirming the successful completion of the course to the Counseling Office. The grade will be recorded as Pass/Fail, and no adjustment will be made to the student’s GPA. The expectation is that the courses will be completed during the time specified on the approval form. The transcript will denote coursework as per the protocol described in the RHS Program of Studies under "Grade Reporting." 


All courses must be approved prior to enrolling; students may not apply for Option II after they have completed a course. Courses taken prior to the official start of a student’s freshman year (September 1st) will not appear on the Ridge transcript under any circumstances.  Courses/experiences must be paid for by the student's parent(s) or guardian(s).


Any student interested in Option II opportunities should read the descriptions of qualifying activities carefully before beginning an application.  

Students who plan on pursuing coursework for credit under Academic Option II (Independent Study, Senior Internships, Remediation) must submit an application by June 30, 2022.  Students who plan on pursuing Athletic Option II for Fall 2022 must submit their applications by August 15, 2022.

General Information for Option II for HPE

Option II Athletics Policies and Procedures 2022-2023

Please read carefully before applying:

General Guidelines for Option II Physical Education (Ridge Athletics and Off-Site)

Sample Off-Site Activity Description (needed for off-site application) linked HERE Due dates below

Academic Option II

District Approved Providers for Academic Option II Courses include the following: 


Courses Not Offered at Ridge

Independent Studies

Independent study can be an academically enriching experience for both the student and the teacher, but it is not meant to replace an existing course in the Program of Studies. The student will have the opportunity to master an academic area through his/her own initiative, self-discipline, and self-reliance, while learning at the same time to what extent and in what ways he/she is in need of a teacher. Independent study for credit is available to any student who has a sound reason for this option providing:

Onsite (RHS Sports) Option II - Application Procedures

Offsite HPE Option II  - Application Procedures

Option II Offsite Physical Education Application & Criteria

All applications will be reviewed by an Option II Offsite Physical Education committee for approval. 

The following criteria must be adhered to when applying for Option II Offsite Physical Education:

Ridge Athletics

For more information on all Ridge Athletics, visit our webpage here.

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In addition to the above, the following rules also apply for Ridge Athletics:

Fall Athletes

Winter Athletes

Spring Athletes

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