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What's Happening Now?


Students are working on a class book! The final project is a secret but you can ask them about Tangrams and the book, Spoon, and they might have something to share!

First Grade:

Students are completing their Incredible Kid Day project which focuses on one-to-one correspondence from paper to keyboard.

Second Grade:

Students are learning about the Home Row on the keyboard!

Third Grade:

Students are learning how to use the technology system, Google Sheets. Students are using this tool to gather, evaluate, and present data.

4th Grade:

Students are continuing to improve keyboarding skills! Students are also using a Digital Choice Board to demonstrate creative thinking, engineering and mastery of digital tools.

5th Grade:

Students are using computational thinking to create programs! Students are using a program called CSFIRST: Storytelling. In Storytelling, students use computer science to tell fun and interactive stories. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging students to tell a unique story each day.

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Hello! I am Mrs. Daglian and I am the Technology Specialist at Cedar Hill School. Before taking on this position at Bernards Township, I was an elementary classroom teacher for 9 years. In addition to my classroom teaching responsibilities, I've had the opportunity to work outside of the classroom as a leader in professional development and instructional technology. I am a Google Certified Educator, Level II and a Plickers Ambassador.