I am a second-year PhD student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science (CS) theory. I am interested in the development of accountability mechanisms for machine learning (ML) and data sharing in general. Currently, I believe that utilizing the intellectual toolkit from cryptography is a promising way to tackle these problems given its ability to reason about parties with disparate resources, power, and goals and expand the solution space in surprising ways.

I also plan to complete the PhD minor in Science, Technology, and Society studies (STS). Feminist and anti-colonial STS allows me to think critically about the values embodied in my technical work and to imagine what a more just science could look like without falling into technosolutionism. While it will never be enough to solve societal problems on its own, the research we do in CS is deeply shaped by cultural priorities and can also play a role in reshaping them.

Before starting my PhD, I majored in mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, with a minor in STS. I have a long-standing love for my hometown of Seattle.