Yildiz lab

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Change log

  • 09/05 - added Helium Ion Microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope protocols
  • 08/06 - added silver staining protocol to "SDS-PAGE and staining"
  • 07/30 - added protocol for motility assay with PEG-Biotin surfaces (motility assay/single motor)
  • 07/15 - Put the official bac-to-bac manual from invitrogen under protein prep/insect cell
  • 07/08 - AJ made a new section with FPLC information (protein preps/fplc)
  • 07/02 - Updated emergency contact list and info for new members
  • 07/01 - Added buffer recipe for storage buffer for IgG (ZZ tag) beads - Stock solutions
  • 06/27 - amanda updated all the cloning sections
  • 06/25 - added doc about ordering stuff from microsurfaces (lab info/ordering/microsurfaces)
  • 06/25 - updated MT cheat sheet with tips to eliminate tubulin chunks that look bad on surface