On the Outside: Prisoner Reentry & Reintegration

Further Research and Writing

"Being sentenced to prison, rather than probation, increased the probability of serving additional time in prison within three years after release by 18 to 19 percent."

"Custodial sanctions impact earnings in both the short and long term."

"When it comes to employment, a felony conviction is more damaging than imprisonment."

"The social and emotional adjustment to life outside the regimented world of the prison puts new pressures on families that are often already strained by poverty and poor health."

"Formerly incarcerated individuals transitioning back to society have the highest rate of residential instability of any known demographic group, moving on average about 2.6 times per year."

"New calculations show that to prevent a single individual from committing a future violent crime over a five year stretch, society must imprison more than sixteen convicted violent offenders."

New research shows that prisons prevent far less violent crime than you might think