Johannes Hermle

Department of Economics

University of California, Berkeley

I am a PhD student in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

My research is in the intersection of behavioral, public, and political economics.


Review of Economic Studies, 84(4), pp 1510-1550, 2017.

Science , 362, eaas9899, 2018. (Research Article)

Working Papers

  • How Strategic are Political Activists? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment (with Lukas Hensel, Anselm Rink, and Chris Roth; awarded the 2018 "Young Economist Award" of the European Economic Association)
  • Jointly Optimal Taxes for Different Types of Income (with Andreas Peichl)

Work in Progress

  • Breadwinner Norms and Differences in Economic Outcomes within Married Couples: Theory and Evidence from German Tax Data (with Nikolaus Hildebrand)