Our lab studies the brain basis of behavior, integrating ecological, evolutionary and neuroscience perspectives in this work . Our primary research is focused on the neurobiological mechanisms supporting "sociality", a.k.a. life in social groups—using diverse species to assess the universality of specific underlying pathways. We also study sex bias in the use of female and male research subjects, and several other topics.

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Annaliese Beery, Ph.D

She/herabeery at berkeley.eduOffice: 4098 VLSB, (510) 859-7224‬

Dr. Beery did her undergraduate work at Caltech/Williams College, completed graduate work at UC Berkeley, and was a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar (postdoctoral fellow) at UCSF and UC Berkeley. In 2010 she began a faculty position at Smith College and in 2021 returned to UC Berkeley. Before graduate school she taught high school Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science, and worked as a software engineer. She still likes to wear hats from different disciplines. Outside of the lab, Dr. Beery takes care of two humans and 7 chickens.

Graduate Students

Matt Davis

Matt started his PhD at Berkeley in 2018, and joined the lab in spring 2022. He is interested in how neurodevelopment shapes neural circuits and complex social behaviors. Before joining the lab, he studied roles of canonical hormones in the developing brains of mice and zebra finches with Kaoru Saijo at UC Berkeley and Donna Maney at Emory, where he completed his undergrad in 2017. Outside of the lab, Matt is usually playing guitar.

Kelley Power (she/her)

Kelley joined the Beery Lab as a PhD student in 2021. She is interested in the mechanisms underlying sociality in seasonally social voles. Before coming to Berkeley, Kelley graduated from Smith College with a degree in Neuroscience.

Georgia Young (she/her)

Georgia joined the Beery Lab in 2021, and is interested in hormonal changes throughout development. She previously worked with the Amboseli Baboon Project, and graduated from Duke University in 2020

Undergraduate Students

Julie Marco

Diana Chernyak

Nick Testa, Lena Tama, Megan Dhingra, Kirti Hargunani. Photos forthcoming.

Lab Alums

Nikki Lee, PhDFormer: PhD 2021
Current: Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral FellowColgate University
Dan Vahaba, PhDFormer: Postdoctoral Fellow
Current: Visiting Assistant Professor at Smith College

Allison Anacker, PhD

Former: Eveillard Postdoctoral Fellow
Current: Lecturer, UVM Psychology and Neuroscience

Sarah Lopez

Former: Research Assistant
Current: Medical student, University of Pittsburgh

Nastacia Goodwin

Former: Research Assistant
Current: PhD student at UWashington, Golden Lab

Lucy Bicks

Former: Research Assistant
Current: PhD student Mt. Sinai, Akbarian/ Morishita labs

Former undergrads/MA students/PhD rotations