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Educational Enterprises has continued to fulfill its special education vision for more than 20 years. The inclusion of youth with disabilities in their local schools and communities is not only a legislative mandate but also a challenging direction for all educators. By utilizing our highly specialized services, all of which are cost-effective and customized to the specific needs of each local school district, Educational Enterprises can enable you to maximize your educational resources.

All services are provided in the local schools or students' communities. Our expert staff will work with you to include students with their non-disabled peers, enhance faculty skills through professional development and on-site support, and promote understanding of diversity and the acceptance of differences.

With over thirty years of experience, Bergen County Special Services School District is committed to providing quality education that enables all students to become contributing members of society.

Educational Enteprises supports the fundamental concept that all children can grow up, learn, and gain valuable educational opportunities together.

Our Services

Assistive Technology Evaluations & Trainings

Augmentative Communication Evaluations & Trainings

Behavioral Services

Educational and Curriculum Supports

Home Instruction (Academic and Therapies)

Classroom Management

Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy Services & Evaluations

Paraprofessional Training

Sound Solutions - Specialized Services for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Therapeutic Adventure

Transition Services

CST Evaluations/Coverage

Sign Language Interpreters

DLM Staff In-Services & Support

Therapeutic Yoga & Mindfulness

Staff Wellness

Social Emotional Learning Supports

Professional Development

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