Ilana Tachauer

Ilana Tachauer has been a teacher at BPY for the past 13 years. She is humbled to be honored at this year’s Annual Dinner. It is especially meaningful for Ilana to be honored alongside Jessica Kohn, her supervisor, friend and mentor, as well as her friends and other incredible BPY core contributors, Cheryl Weiner Rosenberg and Liz and Alan Mitrani. In addition to her role as an early childhood Hebrew teacher, Ilana also serves as a coordinator for Jewish and Israeli holiday events in early childhood.

Ilana was born in Brooklyn and raised in Maale Adumim. After completing her National Service, Ilana and her husband, Leon, moved to America where she earned a degree from Queens College. Ilana and Leon are the proud parents of three daughters, Anna (7th), Lea (4th) and Maya (K). With their immediate family in Israel and England, Ilana views BPY as her family in America. Ilana loves everything BPY, but first and foremost, her beloved students. Ilana feels privileged to interact with her students, cultivate their love of learning and immerse them in the Hebrew language. She loves the way BPY students learn and pray in both the Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions, and that BPY offers both a superior General and Judaic Studies education and a strong dual language curriculum.

Ilana cherishes being a part of BPY’s beautiful community. She feels a strong sense of pride from the Am Echad and Ahavat Yisrael culture at BPY. Ilana strongly believes that our next generation must feel a sense of connection and belonging, and she couldn’t be prouder to be raising her children in such a special, warm and welcoming environment. Ilana does everything possible to get involved in BPY activities, functions and initiatives such as volunteering at school events and playing an active role in the PTO. Outside of BPY, Ilana has been running early childhood groups at Congregation Ahavath Torah for over a decade and serves as a division head at Moshava Ba’ir.