Bennington High School Library

Welcome back! We have many new books for you, come check us (and them) out!

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Meet the Librarian

Hi! I'm Mrs. Bruck, and I'm your library/media specialist. This is my third year at Bennington High School, and it's my third year in the library. I have sixteen years' experience teaching English, and I love spending my days in the high school. I am also the contact person for both the 3 Cs and Badger Service programs.

I live in Blair with my husband and three girls. In my spare time, I like to read (weird), exercise, cook and be outside in nature. That being said, you're actually more likely to find me watching my girls' activities or doing the laundry.

Please email me at if you need assistance or have any questions!

What's new?


Need to know how to do something technology-related? Maybe I can help! I will be posting short tutorials over technology that will help us all in the coming days and weeks.

Cam Scanner and turning in photos/scans of documents

Highlighting on a PDF and turning it in to your teacher

10 Book Challenge

My challenge to myself is to read 10 books before the end of the year. I'll keep track of the titles I've finished here- wish me luck!

Currently reading: Miracle Creek by Angie Kim