Client Testimonials

"I am so thankful to have had Meagan with me to be a support and personal source of expertise for my first pregnancy with twins. Not only was she there for me but my husband as well. Our timeline was bumped up as my babies came early, but after only meeting twice, we had a great connection and felt comfortable with her. She also checked on us many times after the birth. Meagan was patient and understanding all the time and showed that she cared by providing assistance in areas we specifically needed help and was very professional and thorough all around. We are great to have her share in this memory!"

- Amy Google Business Review

"There was no way that I could have gotten through my pregnancy and birth without Meagan. We are across the country from all family and my husband was deployed through almost all of my pregnancy and then the birth. The pandemic made everyone unable to help, so I really relied on Meagan. She was available whenever I needed her and always had supportive and kind loving words to make me feel better. I was on an emotional roller coaster my last month of pregnancy and Meagan always was able to calm me down and make me feel better about the situation. When labor started she was my rock. I love my husband but there's no way he could have done what she did for me. Every time a contraction started all I had to say was say her name and she was right there with whatever support I needed. I can honestly say that I could not have achieved my goal of a natural birth without her. She never failed to encourage me and keep me strong in weak moments during labor. She is incredible at being a doula and if someday we decide to have another babe she will be my first call. <3"

- Bailey Testimonial

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"I have had the absolute best experience with Beltane Birth Services and Meaghan! Not only was she incredibly informative and helpful from the very beginning but she is profoundly considerate and caring while being able to remain completely impartial. You have free reign over your pregnancy and wishes and she is there to help you every step of the way! This was my third baby and the first I've had in a hospital or with a doula. Thank goodness though! She helped me stick to my guns about not wanting any IVs or ports or interventions, she had so many techniques to help relieve pain and pressure, she was able to help support myself and my husband and teach him ways to help give better counter pressure during the birth (I think she was actually stronger then hubs ha ha) and after everything was over she was respectful and helpful and supportive of our needs and wishes.

I also used her placenta encapsulation services which was a wonderful experience as well! She was well prepared for the hospital and had a very efficient turnaround time for the capsules. And we also chose her for post partum services. Thank goodness! With my husband being military his schedule is insane! Being a fellow military spouse Meaghan was well aware of the different needs of a military family and was fully supportive of the different roles and needs we had! If I wasn't finished having babies we would definitely use her services again! I could not recommend her enough!"

- Tiffany Zinn Google Business Review

"My fiancé and I had experienced a miscarriage and were actively trying to have a baby afterward. When I finally became pregnant again, the first service I wanted to acquire was a doula. I did some research and came across Megan. I have been grateful for the support she's given our family. I was scheduled to be induced right at the beginning of the quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic. I was devastated when the hospital wasn't allowing more than one support person. Megan provided me with resources for midwifery care and doula sibling support. Ultimately, we decided to go to the hospital to get the induction. And Megan was great. She was available via FaceTime, no matter what time we called. She provided the same quality of service without having a physical presence and it helped result in the VBAC birth I desired and I couldn't have been more satisfied if she was physically present. She was essential in creating a great birth experience for my family. We are so grateful. She is the doula we all need!"

- Chatara Thornton Testimonial

"I am here to share my experiences with my Doula, Meagan. A little less than a year ago, I was a nervous expectant mom. I was in Virginia without much family in close proximity, working full time, had a toddler, and a soon-to-be deployed husband. I was overwhelmed and full of uncertainty. I was looking for healing from the birth experience of my first child. He is healthy and is thriving; however, my first birthing experience was not at all what I imagined. I had no idea where to begin with regaining my peace and excitement for my surprise little girl to come. Enter: Meagan. She is genuine. Educated. And values strong women who become strong moms.

With Meagan's support, I healed tremendously from past traumatic labor experiences. I had a successful vaginal birth and a beautiful baby girl. Meagan touched base with me for several meetings in my final months of pregnancy and taught me exercises. We created realistic birth goals. She was a calm presence for me for my labor/birth in the hospital. She was so supportive during the early postpartum weeks as well. I believe every woman deserves a Doula. I am so happy to have had an advocate, supporter, and confidante in my Doula, Meagan. I am very grateful for the journey. Thank you so very much."

- Adrienne O. Testimonial

"It was actually my fiance's idea to look into getting a doula and honestly, at first I felt I may not really need one considering I was getting an epidural . Always kind of thought doulas are just for natural births or home births and I could have not been more wrong. Megan was incredible! We had multiple meetings before the birth which helped me feel comfortable (first time mom) with the whole process and what to expect. I appreciated all of her insight and knowledge. She was easy to open up to, I shared fears about birth and she explained in a way that left me feeling so confident. Knowledge is power ! Well, the big day arrived and she was there for me from the first pre labor contraction, to meeting at home and helping me cope with the contractions, to deciding to go to the hospital. My fiance ended up in the emergency room himself due to high blood pressure and I ended up needing a c section. They say have a plan but be flexible lol.. did not think that would be a part of my birth story, but the constant throughout all of this was my doula Megan. She was there through all of it. That was so comforting to me 💕 best decision we ever made was having Megan be our doula . She is such a loving kind person, we could tell she truly cares about us and our baby. I will be recommending Megan to any of my expectant friends because she truly made a difference for me and kept me confident throughout every curve ball or question . Megan is truly a special person doing amazing work of helping moms bring babies into the world."

- Abby Google Business Review

"We hired Meagan as our birth doula, and we could not have made a better decision. She is the most amazing, nurturing and supportive doula and overall person! She provided up with multiple home visits prior to our birth which allowed us to feel comfortable and prepared for when the day actually arrived. Meagan spent hours learning about us as a couple, educating us on our options, and familiarizing herself with our preferences. When I went into labor Meagan was happy to join us at the hospital long before she was actually needed. She knew I felt more comfortable knowing she was there despite labor being very slow in the beginning. Once my labor progressed, she was an advocate for my choices. My husband is so thankful for Meagan because she empowered him to be the main support for me. She was a cheerleader and an advocate, but made room for my husband take the lead and be hands-on in supporting me, which enriched his experience of our son’s birth process (this was our preference). After our son was born, I struggled with breastfeeding and adjusting to motherhood. Meagan was so loving and supportive and visited me multiple times and checked in via text and phone call countless times. I think my postpartum experience would have been much darker and lonelier if I didn’t have her by my side. Our son is 10 months old now and Meagan continues to check in which shows her character and dedication to her clients. We love her and recommend her to everyone who asks us about doula services!"

- A Gold Google Business Review & Testimonial

"Meagan was an amazing resource, supporter, and cheerleader throughout our pregnancy and after our son was born. As first time parents we had lots of questions for her, every one of which she proved to have an incredible wealth of knowledge of. Meagan has a special talent for providing you with all the latest information and research so you can make an informed decision as a growing family, all without pushing any agendas. Every curveball we threw her way—to include two trans-oceanic flights in my third trimester!—she handled with an incredibly supportive attitude and worked with us on a truly personalized basis as though we were her only clients. After the birth she continued to be a fabulous resource, referring us to great providers she has first-hand experience with and helping us prepare to raise our newborn overseas. Meagan constantly checked in with us in-person, over the phone, and via text for updates on how we and our little one were doing, helping us adapt to parenthood while always reminding us that our sanity and well-being were just as important. We absolutely cannot recommend Meagan enough and we will definitely use her again for any future pregnancies!"

- Bianca Testimonial

"After a super traumatic birth experience with our son in 2015, we knew that we wanted a doula for our next pregnancy and child birth. Meagan was recommended to us by another military spouse I know, and boy am I thrilled with our experience! Meagan helped us formulate a plan for our pregnancy, and knew all the questions to ask our provider to get the birth experience and VBAC we wanted. She was kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and passionate about her job, and really made us feel heard and excited about this pregnancy, which was huge considering how traumatic our last two had been. Unfortunately, our little girl flipped breech around 38 weeks and we ended up with a second c-section, BUT Meagan helped us not only mentally and emotionally cope with the change, she also helped me have the most amazing, empowering, positive c-section and birth that I've had thus far! I have already told her that should we fall pregnant again we will be employing her services again, regardless of whether we want to attempt another VBAC or have a scheduled c-seciton. Meagan has allowed me to take back the birth experience and made our postpartum time so positive and full of amazing baby bonding! I would recommender her to anyone and everyone! Loved having her be part of our daughters birth story!"

- Stephanie Morris Testimonial

"We chose Meagan to be our doula for our first child. Before he was born, we met with Meagan several times and she patiently and knowledgeably answered all of my and my husband's questions. She helped us make our own decisions without any judgement about our choices. During the birth, Meagan focused on me so my husband and my mom could focus on the baby. She provided me with what I needed and wanted before I could even think to ask for it. Immediately after the birth, she stayed with us during the Golden Hour and helped my son latch for the first time. After we arrived home, she has continued to work with us during a difficult breastfeeding process, supporting and encouraging me when I was ready to lose my mind. Meagan was a huge part of our birth story, and I'm so glad that she was. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Laura Testimonial

"I cannot express how grateful I am that we hired Meagan as our doula. She exceeded my expectations in so many ways. After having a traumatic first birth experience, I knew that I wanted to do my next one differently and getting a doula was a great proactive way to ensure I felt more in control during the process. Meagan showed up in so many ways for me during the end of my pregnancy through delivery and throughout postpartum. She added such incredible value every single step of the way. Her knowledge and expertise in all things birthing gave me such confidence and assurance. I can’t say enough about working with Meagan!!!"

- Brandy Testimonial

"Meagan was my doula for my second child— a home birth. She was with me for over 12 hrs of labor, every step of the way. I cannot find the words to describe how blessed I was to have her there. I am not a people person and was reluctant to hire a doula because I wasn’t sure I’d want that type of support in labor. I was so so wrong! Meagan was everything I needed and nothing more. She never made me feel uncomfortable, EVER.

I would not have made it through labor with such ease without her. She is confident in everything she does and never overbearing.

If you do ANYTHING as far as labor, don’t hire a photographer; don’t buy fancy products...HIRE MEAGAN. She is priceless and has continued to support me in postpartum as well. The first thing my husband said after the birth was “wow, I am SO GLAD you hired Meagan as your doula"

Thank you!"

- Ashley Reedy Testimonial, Facebook Business, & Google Business Review

"Where do I even begin?! Meagan was so amazing! We couldn’t be happier to have asked her to be our doula! My hubby and I are first time parents and we definitely needed help with the birth of our baby girl. Once we hired Meagan, everything went on smoothly. She answered any questions I had at any time of the day! I truly felt supported and cared for by her. Once my time came to give birth, she was just phenomenal! She knew I wanted an unmedicated birth, and when I started doubting my self, she was there to keep me strong. I delivered my little girl within two hours of getting to the hospital. I really can’t brag enough about Meagan! The support she gave us while giving birth was definitely necessary and made everything go smooth! Even the postpartum care has been better than great! Answering all my questions and doubts and having our postpartum visits! I’m still amazed by my experience. I keep saying she’s amazing and great, but words can’t really describe our gratitude! Once we decide to have another baby, she will definitely be our doula again! "

- Maria Taylor & Facebook Testimonial

"I sought out Meagan because I wanted a familiar constant, beside my partner, during my L&D, someone who knew my desires/ birth plan and could help me or my partner state decisions if need be. It is extremely hard for me to entrust my life to ‘someone’ as a professional made wrong choices which left me on life support for a week due to those wrong choices, not my condition. As our due date became closer so much happened from my appointed OB releasing me to high risk at 32 weeks, when they released me to an undesirable practice, as a number, because we were so far along- JUST A MESS which added to my already existing anxiety. I began searching for an option that would help alleviate my concerns and came across Meagan’s webpage which calmed me instantly. Every contact left me empowered, covered in safety and peace! I really value her knowledge and how she presents both sides/ pros and cons which allowed for us to make sound decisions. During L&D things would have been otherwise if she was not there keeping me track. With every contractions our baby boy’s heart rate would drop and this continued. If I didn’t maintain that focus allowing the wave of the contraction to come and go without the strain and fight it hindered his heart rate even more. I HAD TO stay in that zone or a C-section was presented. That was not desired as we were doing everything natural. She coached me every step of the way and he was born in 3 hours and 4 pushes. This would have NOT been the case without her presence and guidance! My thankfulness and gratitude to Meagan is exponential! She truly is blessed with a calling and a gifted Doula!"

- Kerri Carpenter Testimonial & Google Review

"I have never heard of a doula prior to 6 weeks before my child was born. If I would have heard of a doula prior to that I would have used one in the prior 2 births before this one. Knowing now the role a doula has in child birth, if anymore children grace me, I will always hire a doula, and in that matter, I would hire Meagan. Meagan was a very involved and knowing doula.

We called Meagan with my partner's water breaking, or so we thought, and she talked us though what was happening with child and what to expect. She made her way to the house and made my partner feel at ease. Then when my partner was finally ready to begin the active labor process, she was right behind us to the hospital. She made the birthing experience a very calm and focused one. I was able to focus my attention to my partner and she took care of keeping my partner's focus on the end goal.

Pre child birth and post child birth Meagan is an experienced doula that cares about what she does. She is knowledgeable in the various positions to help with mother's having pain prior to active labor. She is also knowledgeable in homeopathic remedies, medical staff practices, multiple local hospitals, lactation, and encapsulation.

Meagan is a wonderful doula and an even more wonderful person. If anyone is considering hiring a doula, or if you are like me and have never heard of a doula, do some research, then hire Meagan. You'll have a very pleasant child birth experience and a very happy partner."

- Morgan Sickles & Google Review

"Meagan helped us with postpartum care. I was very worried about breastfeeding and about dealing with extended family visits. She was incredibly helpful on both fronts, encouraging me to have discussions about boundaries with family early and often, and providing much needed advice about breastfeeding. She was also incredibly available via text, so that when I had questions between visits, it was simple to text her and find support and information. An additional benefit my partner and I found was the emotional support Meagan provided - it was a wonderful and unexpected benefit to her help. We couldn't recommend her more!!"

- Teresa Tesitmonial

"There are no words to explain how incredible Meagan was as my doula for the birth of our twin girls! From the first moment we met, Meagan made it clear she would be the most amazing support person for myself and my husband with her knowledge and passion for birth shining through every step of the way. We interviewed several doulas very early in the game. Meagan made it clear that she would be dedicating the most time and attention to us possible from the very start.

As a first time mother I had SO many questions. She made sure to always make herself available to me with answers, options, information, guidance and encouragement ANYTIME I needed her. Her words constantly gave me the push I needed to remain positive and ready for the birth of my dreams while keeping all things in perspective.

At the birth of our girls itself, she lived up to exactly what we expected of her and so much more. Although there were variations from the “birth plan” she kept us grounded and helped us make the most informed choices possible for our family.

Postpartum, she has continued to be just as supportive and ready to be there for us at a moments notice. This has been especially important to me as no one really tells you just how hard these first few weeks after birth can truly be.

Meagan has become family to us and we will forever be so grateful for her service to us during such an incredible time of our lives."

- Robin Mercado Testimonial & Google Review

"Meagan is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and devoted birth doula. We would highly recommend her and we would definitely ask her to be a doula for us again in the future!

My husband and I were so impressed with how committed Meagan is to investing in the mother and in the family before the birth. She met with us several times in order to truly get to know us and to understand our goals for the birth. As first time parents who planned on a hospital birth, it was such a relief to have someone in our corner who had our trust and our best interests at heart, and who also had an incredible knowledge of birth and all its variations.

As for the day of the birth itself, just as other testimonials have mentioned, it is hard to put into words just how invaluable Meagan's support was. My husband was initially on the fence about hiring a doula. Meagan seamlessly supported me as I labored, while also supporting my husband and helping him to be my rock. There were many times that we had to make decisions that we did not expect or that strayed from our birth plan, and it was empowering to have Meagan there to help us navigate those choices.

After the birth of our baby, Meagan continues to support us and to stay in touch, which goes above and beyond anything I expected. Having her as a doula has been a game changer as we navigate first-time parenthood and postpartum healing.

Meagan is incredibly responsive, thoughtful, smart, sincere, and has our full trust. My husband and I interviewed three different doulas, and we are so happy that we chose her. Meagan is a stellar birth worker, and we feel so lucky to have her in our lives."

- Taylor S. Testimonial

"Unfortunately my plans for a beautiful, natural home birth were derailed at 36 weeks by late onset gestational hypertension. Suddenly, we had to hire a Doula instead of relying on our midwives. At the suggestion of a trusted friend, we called Meagan and asked if she could meet with us last minute. When we met, Meagan spent over three hours with me to learn the ins and outs of my history, our desires for birth, and everything in between. It was Meagan‘s thoroughness and energy that sealed the deal. Hired! Meagan joined us just before I hit active labor. (But she’d been texting and talking us through everything in the interim.) Meagan was there for us both and helped advocate for me when what I needed and wanted was NOT what the staff at NMCP envisioned. She had just the right amount of compromise and all the gusto needed to ensure our desires did not get lost in translation or a sea of medical jargon. Her knowledge and demeanor, the level of personal care and positive energy... the love we felt not just for her job but for our new family... it made this entire chaotic process bearable so that our son’s sweet face could solidify just how worth it every single second had been. He tumbled into our arms so quickly and was whisked away to the NICU just as rapidly. Meagan helped us through the following hours and days, and continues to help us now (Tohme is 16 days old!) Not only would we hire Maegan again, but this time she’d be our first call as soon as we knew a little babe was in the “oven!” We are positive anyone else would receive the same impeccable care and have an equally amazing experience."

- Tara Huston Testimonial & Google Review

"I cannot recommend Meagan highly enough! I did not have a doula for the birth of my first child and the experience was scary, frustrating, and painful. With Meagan, I felt empowered throughout the entire birth experience—beginning with the prenatal visits when she came to our home and talked through my birth plan, offered resources, and got to know us. During labor itself, Meagan knew exactly what to say and do to help me get through each contraction. My husband noticed that before Meagan arrived, I seemed to be in much greater pain with each contraction. After she arrived, the pain did not go away. However, her soothing presence helped me to ride with the pain rather than fight it. With Meagan by my side I did not even think about asking for pain medications because she helped me to know that I could do it. After our daughter was born, Meagan stayed with us at the hospital well into the night to make sure we were settled, and she continually checked in to see how me and the baby were doing for weeks afterwards. Meagan is an extremely knowledgeable and competent doula. Even more importantly, though, she is a wonderful person who truly cares that her clients have the empowering, well supported birth experience that they deserve. Every woman needs a doula like Meagan! She is AWESOME!"

- Kathryn Swacha Testimonial

"Meagan was our doula for my third c-section birth. Originally, I naively didn't think there was a need for me to have a doula as I wasn't going into 'labour' ... but I am SO glad I took the time to understand how much she would be able to help us. From having someone to go to the appointments with me, to the late night text messages with questions, to being able to advocate for me in the pre op room when I was so anxious I couldn't remember what I wanted to 'be sure I said to the dr' ... creating birth plans, sending me research documents, always checking in on me, offering me advice each step of the way. Having her in the room in the hospital before and after my section was so reassuring to me as well. Just knowing she was there to hear my concerns, provide me with ALL the information I needed to make the right decisions for me and my baby was something I will always be grateful to her for. Thank you Meagan for being there for me every step of the way. Love you!"

- Nadine Quinn Facebook Review (check out her extended review on Google!)

"Meagan was absolutely wonderful! She is incredibly knowledgeable and keeps up on current research, so we were able to trust that she would make sure we knew all our options in any situation. She also provided a TON of service- two prenatal appointments where we went over our concerns and she demonstrated early labor comfort measures, and two POSTnatal appointments where we debriefed about the birth with an emphasis on how I (the laboring mother) felt about it, and troubleshooting breastfeeding issues. She was quick to provide resources on breastfeeding (and anything else needed!) via text, email, and in person.

For the actual birth, mine happened to be VERY quick (which she had predicted- she has good instincts!). I used some of the early labor comfort measures she shared, which definitely helped, but I very quickly went into active labor and those measures didn't feel good any more. As soon as we called her she was on her way, and even then once I got to the hospital I was already at a 9! She was great repeating some birth affirmations we had discussed during prenatal appointments that helped me during that very intense labor & pushing at the hospital. Because we had already talked about what I liked and what I didn't, she knew exactly what to say (and was able to remind my husband of the same).

After the birth, she stayed as long as we wanted and it was nice just to talk through what happened because it was so fast, I couldn't even process it! She was also very communicative via text, checking in with me every few days after the birth, offering help in any way she could. Way above and beyond the call of duty.

I can't recommend Meagan enough! She is fantastic!"

- Crystal Graves Testimonial

"Meagan Flaherty was definitely a gift from God in my time of need. Even though it was my 4th doing it the natural way felt like my 1st. Prenatal visits were done at The Village Midwife, where I met Meagan. About a month and half before my baby arrived we discovered he was breached. I was told by my midwife to talk with the baby and to love on him letting him know daily that I can't wait to meet him. After my visit I updated Meagan & she reassured me that everything was going to be okay. She worked with me to get my baby into position. For weeks we worked together doing the exercises and as the time drew closer he got into position. The 7th of May I woke up itching ALL OVER. By midday I was sent to Riverside by my midwife. I called Meagan and updated her. At Riverside I found out I was 6cm dilated. Doctors said the baby would have to be delivered that night because of the risk. Contractions increased Meagan and my fiance worked with me through each. Later the doctors stripped my membrane. Contractions began coming rapidly, I was being a trooper until I passed out. Seems the baby hit a nerve while going through the canal. I had to lie in bed, which made the contractions unbearable. I felt like getting the epidural, I told Meagan I could not do it anymore and she kept on telling me I was doing great and that for me to say that at this point meant my baby boy was almost here. After a few minutes I had to turn over unto my back because now I was feeling his head, I yelled to Meagan he's coming! By the time the doctors came in my baby boy's head was almost out, doctors had to work fast because he was making his entrance. I'm so grateful for Meagan because if it had not been for her working with me through the contractions I wouldn't have been able to go without an epidural. Meagan my family and I are forever grateful of your role in making my labor and delivery a huge success because I delivered my baby naturally as I desired. Again thank you!"

- Caralea Getten Testimonial

"Meagan was my postpartum doula savior. I was on the fence about hiring a postpartum doula and I’m SO glad I found her. She helped me so much to get through the tough first couple of days home and was a calming unwavering figure in my day to day the weeks after. Anything I needed her for, she was there. Welcoming her into our family was the best thing we could have done for ourselves after the birth of our son. We <3 you Meagan and we’re lucky to know you!"

- L. Paiz Facebook Review Testimonial

"I have so many good things to say about Meagan that I don't even know where to start! In short, if you decided you want a doula or are considering if you need one, know that Meagan is AMAZING: She knows what to say when you need encouragement, she knows where to apply counter pressure when you need relieve, she is there when you need a hug, a hand, a sip of water, a bit of love or attention... She is just everything you need at this special moment of your life. Meagan is sweet and caring beyond the birthing time: It has been 9 days since my son arrived earth side, and Meagan still cares to follow up with me, she helps and guides me with all things (some which I didn't even know I needed help and believe me, I am very pleased and grateful for her advice!).

Now, let me tell you... I met Meagan on the day I birth my son, it was not like I had agreed with her on all things birth related. I didn't know what to expect, but it was like she knew me... It is the type of connection that is hard to put in words. Just know the woman is just very special <3 I can only highly recommend Meagan."

- Gi G. Testimonial