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The Bell Interactive Film Festival student leaders have put together a BIFF info site and program. Here you will find all the necessary information to ensure that you will enjoy the BIFF extravaganza! Go to

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Important things to note:

  • The BIFF Opening Ceremony begins at 2:15pm On the Basketball Court (Weather Permitting)
  • Students will be dismissed into the care of their parent/guardian by their teachers at 3:30pm from their classrooms after the opening ceremony.
  • Viewing will begin at 3:45pm and finish at 6:30 sharp!
  • The Festival will take place across eight cinemas located across the school. Please check the map provided for locations.
  • Cinemas have been allocated to Prep - Grade 2, Grade 3 and 4, and Grade 5 and 6. Each cinema will be on a loop, allowing for your child’s film to be viewed multiple times throughout the festival. Each of the cinema’s films will be split into 15 minute sessions.
  • Bookmark the BIFF info link on your phone/device.
  • There will be QR codes placed around the school at each cinema for additional information on the night. You will need a QR code reader iPhone (ios) Android
  • As BIFF is a special occasion, there will be a Candy Bar and coffee van on the netball court organised by the fundraising team. However, you’re welcome to bring your own snacks to the event. Please note, hot drinks cannot be consumed in any buildings. If you are interested in volunteering at the Candy Bar, please see Chelsea to sign up.

To find out where the cinemas are please click the map below

Check out some of the interviews from our Bell student film makers.

5/6's Preps
BIFF INTERVIEW by Paige and Max

Hi Max here from the BIFF committee on be half of Page and me, ever since the first interview i…read more

More of what the Grades are up to from the BIFF Blog

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( oh no it's the werid time travela in action )

Meet The BIFF Student Team!

The members are:

Emily , Max , Paige, Sarah, Mira, Mia, Charlie, Mitch, Ruby and Imogen.

We are the Bell Interactive Film Festival student representatives. We all have meetings every Thursday to make this amazing event happen for all the students, parents and Bell PS community to enjoy.

3/4 props, sets and costumes

3/4s are continuing to create storyboards to plan and film their movies effectively. They have been making props and sets for iMotion and iMovie.

Finally, after weeks of waiting, we are happy to announce the opening of the Bell Interactive Film Festival blog! … read more

In my previous post I discussed how the use of digital technologies in the classroom can empower students to be,… read more

Today Yanni Rowlands, a former bell student, came to teach us a few tips on film making. He also showed… read more

Grade 5/6 Film Insursion

As you know, students have been working especially hard to get ready for BIFF, so, to help us out, the… read more

The students in 1/2G have been busy making their characters and sets for our B.I.F.F movie. The students planned and… read more

After hours of planning, story-boarding, script writing, prop and costume design and more, the 5/6s are finally beginning the filming… read more

In 1/2C and G we have been practising story boarding and adding sounds to movies using iMovie. We watched a short… read more

3/4DX have been working closely with Andrew and using the iPad app, Garage Band. The students have been busy creating… read more

Writing Screenplays in 5/6

5/6R have been exploring screenplays – learning about the way to correctly structure a script and connect it to a storyboard and shot list during the pre-production phase of filming.

The students worked collaboratively on writing a script for a well-know fairy tale (Little Red Riding Hood) with a modern twist. This was a fantastic chance for the students to work collaboratively in real-time on Google Docs, writing and editing the scripts on several devices simultaneously in their groups. They then had an opportunity to share their screenplay with the class.

Here’s an example of one of the screenplays.

5/6O have been working hard on movie making over the past few weeks. They have been completing a range of… read more

1/2K and 1/2R have been busy using iMotion and iMovie to develop their skills for the Film Festival. Students… read more

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