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BHS Upcoming Calendar of Events

November 29--Mid terms

November 29--Sophomore JVS visit

December 19-20--Semester exams

January 11--End of second nine weeks

BHS Student Council Veterans Day Assembly Speaker Corporal Timmy Martin (Photo by Katrina Davis).

BHS Student Council Members: Sydney Purtiman, Natalie Stoner, Maci Crozier, Timmy Martin, Cole Runyan, Cole LaRoche, Nick Beckett (Photo by Katrina Davis).

Bellaire High School was honored to have a very special guest speaker at this year’s Veterans Day Assembly. Corporal Timothy Martin, a 2012 graduate from Bellaire High School spoke to the students, staff, and guests in the auditorium on November 9, 2018.

Corporal Martin is not only a Bellaire alumnus, but also a 2016 graduate from West Virginia University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal and Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in Animal Behavior and Poultry Production. Martin spoke to the audience about his military service to our great country.

Martin’s experience as military police officer has led him on some interesting assignments, and he shared some of these with the audience. These assignments included working at the largest military installation, Fort Bragg, in North Carolina; helping with flood relief in West Virginia; and working at a presidential inauguration. When asked what inspired Martin to join the National Guard, he shared he comes from a military family and noted that his parents are members of the military, and he also wanted to do his part for the community. Therefore, Martin decided to enlist in the West Virginia Army National Guard while still enrolled in West Virginia University. Martin joined in April 2014, to “try to find out who he was,” and became a corporal and serves in the 154th Military Police Company.

He shared, “It is like being a part of a large family” and credits this experience for becoming the person he is today.

Martin’s service has not gone unrecognized. Thus far he has received the Army Commendation Medal in 2016, Army Achievement Medal in 2018, and most recently the November Soldier of the Month for the West Virginia National Guard.

Lastly, Corporal Martin was asked what advice he had to motivate high school students contemplating joining any military branch. “Ask a lot of questions,” was Martin’s response. He wanted to impress upon students to be sure to completely understand what the program entails. “Talk to people in the military to get a feel for the real world, and make sure you work out a lot,” added Martin.

Moving forward Corporal Martin has plans to obtain a higher security clearance in order to further his career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Story By: Tenley Hughes

Row 1: Cameron Ross, Sydney Purtiman. Row 2: Mackenzie Craig, Trenton Wilson, Aaron Piergallini, Maria Campieri, Cole Porter, Quentin Baker (Photo by Natalie Stoner).

Jessica Bocook holds up an applause sign during the assembly (Photo by Natalie Stoner).

XTO Energy and Challenge Program Give Rewards to Several BHS Students

XTO Energy presented awards to juniors and seniors at Bellaire High School on Tuesday November 13, 2018. XTO Energy is specializing in the drilling and production of unconventional oil and natural gas assets. They offer job opportunities of all kinds. XTO Energy comes to Bellaire every fall and spring to give back to their community. They look for juniors and seniors who excel in the following categories: Attendance, STEM, Community Service, Academic Improvement, and Academic Excellence. The students also helped with the assembly were Tanner Schmidli, Benny Mounsey, Jessica Bocook, and Steven Street.

The recipients of these awards received a two hundred dollar cash check. Checks were presented by Maria Campieri, a program develop manager, from the Challenge Program. Award winners from the attendance category were Cameron Ross and Quentin Baker, STEM Sydney Purtiman and Cole Porter, Community Service Robert Hicks and Aaron Piergallini, Academic Improvement Adam McKennen and Mackenzie Craig, and Academic Excellence Cole LaRoche and Trenton Wilson.

Story by Heather Mehlman

Seniors: Row 1- Michaela Flaherty, Maci Crozier, Natalie Stoner, Haleigh LaMotte, Sydney Purtiman, Brittany Falcone. Row 2- Sheldon Lekanudos, Trent Dunaway, Jacob Marthaler, Nick Beckett, Mason Badia, Griffen Heatherington, Cole Runyan, Clayton Roskovich, Hunter Huston, Robert Hicks. Row 3- Joey Hoepfner (Photo by Robin Schoene).

Juniors: Row 1- Jadzia Cumberledge, Kaitlyn Kosky, Tenley Hughes, Abbie Giananageli, Katrina Davis, Heather Mehlman, Tayah Frazier, Amelia Gavarkavich, Madison Hotlosz. Row 2- Cole Porter, Kaleb Pitchford, Quentin Baker, AJ McCarthy, Zoe Bizzari. Row 3- Kody Fabry, Connor Rosen, Trenton Wilson, David Lynch, Trace Sechrest, Cody Albaugh, Bobby Roth (Photo by Robin Schoene).

Sophomores: Row 1- Maddie Beckett, Kaleigh Leigh, Bryanna Beckett, Kaylan Brown, Tayler Dunaway, Lexus Monogioudis, Kirsten Boyle. Row 2- Karter Hicks, Madelyn Crawford, Shayleigh Sochor, Brenen Craig, Cody Myers, Marshall Fish, David Zwack. Row 3- Vincent Patrone, Aric Coffman, Andrew Masciarelli, Ryan Hicks, Jayce Gallaher, Benjamin Kniesner, Jadon Bellville, Cody Slater, Ethan Shaver (Photo by Robin Schoene).

Freshmen: Row 1- Katelyn Hart, Lauren Hamilton, Nico Piergallini, Ethan Browne, Skyler Evans, Darian Bell, John Beck, Daniel Zwack. Row 2- Ryley Wright, Luke Farmer, Nicholas Materkoski, Colt Sechrest, Jaren Cash, Jaiden Kesterson, Michael Davis, Lance Piper, Tyler Edgar (Phtoto by Robin Schoene).

On Friday, November 16th, Bellaire High School students participate in the Free for All event, which is a battle of the classes. This event consisted of grades ninth through twelfth competing against one another in ten events: musical chairs, dizzy relay, wheelbarrow relay, knock out, orange pass, medley relay 1, medley relay 2, hula hoop pass, limbo, and dodgeball. The senior class took first place winning five out of ten events while the junior class fell short of one point winning four out of ten events earning second place. The sophomore and freshman classes tied earning one point each grabbing third place. Congratulations seniors and thank you to all students that paid to participate and watch.

Story by: Tayah Frazier