BELA's Postsecondary Success Site

Welcome to BELA's Virtual Postsecondary Success Office

We're so glad you're here and we can't wait to support you throughout your postsecondary journey!

Our Mission: Every student will graduate BELA with a strong fit, well-informed, affordable post secondary plan that aligns with their vision for the future. By experiencing postsecondary readiness coursework and postsecondary exposure throughout each year at BELA, students will graduate understanding themselves, the world around them, and what they want out of their postsecondary lives. BELA Alum will persist in their postsecondary programs, and will earn credentials that will allow them to be economically and socially mobile in their adult lives.

What does Postsecondary Mean?

Postsecondary refers to what is after high school! By intentionally renaming our team and space from College Success to Postsecondary Success, we are honoring all the pathways that BELA students can choose after high school.

Yes - all BELA students will be prepared to be successful in college! And we will support you in every respect to get into and be successful in college, if that's what you want for your future. We will also support you to gain acceptance and be successful in all other postsecondary pathways: the military, trade programs, certificate programs, beauty school, etc. etc.

We believe that you earning postsecondary credentials and degrees is essential for financial freedom! What degrees and credentials you earn should be tied to your interests and passions - and we're here to support those dreams into reality.