STYLUS is Bedford High School's literary and art magazine. Whether you are a novice writer/artist or have more experience, we’d like to publish your creative writing and/or artwork!

Here (just below) is our most recent issue, from 2017-18. Below that, you'll find several other recent editions of STYLUS, the Bedford High School magazine for creative writing and art.

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STYLUS - 2016-17 edition - screenshot of cover.pdf
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STYLUS - Spring 2015.pdf
STYLUS - 2014-15 end-of-winter edition - screenshot of cover.pdf
Best of STYLUS Vol. 2

Send all art and creative writing submissions to with your name (no pdf files, please, for formatting reasons). If you would like to submit artwork that is in non-digital form, see Mr. Sheinfeld in A-108 for help with scanning or digitally photographing it.

Here’s how the process works. (Note to upperclassmen: We’ve made some very significant changes, so please read on!)

- We will print ALL (school-appropriate) pieces submitted this year. In order to support our mission of ENCOURAGING student creativity, we are no longer “judging” stories and poems.

- You may choose to have your work published anonymously or pseudonymously. Of course, we’d love authors and artists to claim credit for their work, if they are comfortable doing so.

- All work will be anonymously reviewed by student members. No student member of STYLUS will know the author of any piece while it is being reviewed. (And no student member of STYLUS will EVER know the identity of any author who chooses to publish anonymously or pseudonymously.)

- We will send you constructive comments and suggestions following our review of your submission. Apart from fixing typos, no other changes would be required for publication: it’s up to you how you wish to revise, if at all.

- We welcome art submissions in digital form. See Mr. Sheinfeld if you need help digitizing your artwork. Art can be published anonymously or pseudonymously as well.

We hope that you will consider submitting your pieces to us! Send all art and creative writing submissions to with your name (no pdf files, please, for formatting reasons).


What forms of creative writing do you publish?

We publish stories, poems, prose poems, vignettes, and potentially excerpts (if they stand on their own) from longer pieces, such as novels and plays. (For instance, we could publish a reasonably short chapter from a novel, or a reasonably short scene from a play.)

Do you have length limits?

We don't have any hard and fast rules on length, but encourage everyone to try to keep to an upper limit of roughly twelve to fifteen pages. We have NO lower limit on length: we will publish even one-line poems, if you have any!

How and when will I receive feedback on my creative writing?

We'll do our best to get feedback to you via email within two weeks of when we review your piece(s). Depending upon how many submissions we are receiving, there may be a significant time lag between when you submit a piece and when we are able to review it.

What will the feedback look like?

You'll get an electronic copy (scan or photo) of your piece showing the comments that a scribe (a staff member of STYLUS) has recorded, based on the group discussion/review of the piece. These comments may range from very general observations (e.g., about what the group most enjoyed in the piece, characters they found engaging, scenes they found compelling, etc) to suggestions regarding word choice or sentence structure or the sequencing of scenes. The scribed comments will usually also include indications of what the staff thinks may be typos, misspellings, or other issues relating to mechanics and written expression.

What do I have to do with the feedback?

You are invited but not required to revise (a little or perhaps a bit more) your piece in response to the feedback. We DO ask that you correct any clear-cut typos, misspellings, or non-intentional grammatical miscues. If you do not correct simple typos (for example, repeating the same word twice in a row by mistake, or misspelling a word for no creative or expressive reaason), the staff reserves the right ot make those corrections.

How long do I have to submit revisions?

Get a revised version of your piece to us within three weeks of the date when we got our feedback on the piece to you. If you do NOT intend to make any changes to a piece that we've reviewed, we'd appreciate hearing back from you within that time as well. Simply email a note to to the effect: run as is.

How and when should I let STYLUS know that I'd like my piece run anonymously or under a pseudonym?

Please indicate that you'd like your piece published anonymously (i.e., with no author credited) or pseudonymously (i.e., using a pen-name) when you first submit the piece.

How and when will I receive feedback on my creative writing? If I request to have my piece published under a pseudonym, is any pseudonym OK?

We suggest you consider using a pseudonym that you would be comfortable using in the future as well, though this is not required. We also suggest using a pseudonym that you think is appropriate in some way to the piece you've submitted. We will NOT run any piece under a pseudonym that happens to be the name of someone else in the Bedford High School community.

Must I submit pieces of creative writing, or art, under my own name?

ABSOLUTELY! Through its faculty advisor, STYLUS needs to be able to communicate with anyone who submits work for publication, and the faculty advisor must know who is responsible for each piece of work, even though the advisor will not share this information with the staff until after work is reviewed, and will never share this information with the staff in the case of pieces being published anonymously or pseudonymously.

Might I be informed that a submission cannot be printed, and/or cannot be printed anonymously/pseudonymously?

Yes, though we expect such instances to be rare. If we, in consultation with the administration, feel that a piece is not appropriate for a high school environment, we will not print. it. Further, there may be pieces that we, again in consultation with the administration, feel may be inappropriate to run unless printed with its author's real name. In such cases, the faculty advisor would contact the creator of the work to determine whether that student would rather withdraw the work or is willing to have it published under his/her name. Again, we anticipate (and hope) that such cases will be rare, and perhaps may never arise.