bulldogs of bedford

How it works…

Your business sponsors a bulldog.

  • $3,000 This will purchase one fiberglass bulldog that is 44”H x 70”L x 33”D
  • Each Bulldog will be unique and can be themed to your business or interest. Each unit will be numbered based on the order in which businesses purchase their one of a kind Bulldog!

The benefit

  • Proceeds from each bulldog will support Bedford High School
  • Your business will be on the Bulldogs of Bedford map & website that community members can use to take a tour of the Bedford Bulldogs
  • Your business will also be included on all of our press releases distributed in our region
  • Your business and artist will be featured on our website
  • Your contribution will help to build a better Bedford and is tax deductible!

Can’t buy a bulldog but want to be involved?

  • Bulldogs may be sponsored and donated to other organizations in town i.e. the Town Hall, Riley Field, ASPCA, BYPC, etc.
  • Corporate sponsors will be included on the promotional materials and press releases.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

See our Sponsor page or contact:

Jessica Gilcreast

at Bedford High School


603.310.9000 x33420

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