Mrs. Bridget Mathwin

Resources and suggestions regarding current pandemic

The School Psychologists of Bedford County put together a list of resources available regarding this pandemic. Please click here, to access this page of resources. Also, I have included a page for parents with some basic information as well as a student page of a list of many different coping strategies we learned throughout the school year. Please feel free to access all. If you have a child actively using a coping skill, feel free to send me a picture to add to the website.

About Me

Welcome to my teacher page and thank you for welcoming me to Big Island Elementary School as your school counselor and library media specialist. As your school counselor, my aim is to help each and every student develop the necessary skills in the academic, personal/social and career domains to become well-adjusted, productive, and effective citizens in our community. Each class is provided classroom counseling lessons once a week on their specials' rotation. Some students are a part of small groups which focus on a specific topic. Some groups included study skills, making friends, conflict resolution skills, changing families, grief and others as needs arise.


My name is Bridget Mathwin and this is my 19th year in public education and 12th year as an elementary school counselor. My degrees include Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Music Education, instrumental PK-12 and Bachelor of Music Therapy both from Radford University as well as a Masters in Education with a concentration in school counseling PK-12 from George Mason University. I am in the process of completing my Master of Arts in community mental health from Liberty University. Along with my teaching license with endorsements in music education K-12 instrumental and school counseling K-12, I hold my National Board of Professional Teachers Certification in School Counseling Early Childhood through Young Adulthood. I also have three years of experience as a child/adolescent mental health case manager at the local community service board.


I am the mother of two amazing girls, Sarah, age 12 and Lindsay, age 11. Between dance and music lessons, I am on the road a lot and would not change it for the world as I love my girls following their passions and being their cheerleader. Four years ago, my husband and I decided to "move back home" to this area so our girls could develop stronger relationships with my parents, my siblings and their cousins as well as experience the life and lessons of the family farm.

Contact Information

School Phone: 434-299-5863

School Fax 434-299-6037


My aim to answer all calls and emails within 24 hours, but preferably the same day.

Mathwin's Weekly Schedule

Book Check Out

Students will turn in and check out Big Island Library Books on Counseling Days. They will turn in and check-out public library books on Library Days. K-2 checks out 1 book from each library. Grades 3-5 checks out 2 books from each library.

Confidentiality Statement

The confidentiality of students is of the upmost importance. What is stated in the counseling office remains in the counseling office for students and parents/guardians with the exceptions required by law and/or ethical standards. These include concerns of harm to self and/or others, abuse or neglect, and/or court and other legal proceedings.

If there is ever a reason to reveal information, I will inform you in advance and work with you to handle the situation in a manner that respects you, your feelings, and your needs.

Expectations in the counseling settings

  • Respect yourself

    • Be your best self

  • Respect others

    • Raise hand to be called on so everyone can respect the speaker

    • Follow directions

  • Be honest

  • Take responsibility for your own feelings and actions