Harf's 2020-2021 Firsties

Reading Suggestions:

  • Read for 20 minutes every day-read books, utilize reading a-z, read recipes, read magazines, You Tube has books read to kids
  • IXL and Moby Max have reading/language arts activities for first grade, see links in math suggestions
  • Scholastic News in science suggestions counts as reading!

Math suggestions:

  • addition and subtraction up to sums of 20
  • telling time-hour and half hour
  • counting like coins up to $1.00
  • fractions ½. ¼ and 1 whole
  • skip counting 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 110
  • count backwards from 30
  • count by 1’s to 110

Science/Social Studies suggestions:

  • Discuss and write about seasons and weather changes
  • Discuss and write about Patriotic Symbols, Famous Americans and good citizenship during hard times
  • Research any animals you see and learn about their habitat, seasonal changes of living, eating habits, etc.
  • There are many links being posted throughout social media of virtual field trips. Enjoy these opportunities!

Writing suggestions:

  • Write letters to family and share what you are doing
  • Keep a journal of your adventures
  • Write letters to nursing home patients
  • Email me, telling me a story


Mrs. Harf