Harf's 2019-2020 Firsties


Bedford County Schools have closed for the remainder of the year. It would be beneficial for your child to do some academic activities while they are home over the next several months. Your child had many web accounts during their time in first grade. Those accounts and passwords are provided on the "Online Resource Tab" I have also provided some new resources on that page as well. I will continue to post weekly messages, updates, and read aloud stories in Dojo and host Zoom chats with the class. Please keep reaching out to me with questions or stories of your own. I am here for you in anyway I can be! I miss the kids so much and I look forward to the day when we can celebrate our year together.

The trick to signing in for Google classroom is -

1. go to Google - type in classroom.google.com

2. the username is the year they will graduate (2031)first name initial, middle name initial, and full lastname..... EX: 2031sjharf @ bedford.k12.va.us

3. their password is their lunch number followedby a lower case jf

4. log into google classroom and enter the code -2ate4mj

5. you will see assignments from Mrs. Owen (Math)and Mrs. Doneghue (Reading)

Nothing needs to be turned in, please keep skills sharp!

Reading Suggestions:

  • Read for 20 minutes every day-read books, utilize reading a-z, read recipes, read magazines, You Tube has books read to kids
  • IXL and Moby Max have reading/language arts activities for first grade, see links in math suggestions
  • Scholastic News in science suggestions counts as reading!

Math suggestions:

  • addition and subtraction up to sums of 20
  • telling time-hour and half hour
  • counting like coins up to $1.00
  • fractions ½. ¼ and 1 whole
  • skip counting 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 110
  • count backwards from 30
  • count by 1’s to 110

Science/Social Studies suggestions:

  • Discuss and write about seasons and weather changes
  • Discuss and write about Patriotic Symbols, Famous Americans and good citizenship during hard times
  • Research any animals you see and learn about their habitat, seasonal changes of living, eating habits, etc.
  • There are many links being posted throughout social media of virtual field trips. Enjoy these opportunities!

Writing suggestions:

  • Write letters to family and share what you are doing with your extended break
  • Keep a journal of your adventures
  • Write letters to nursing home patients
  • Email me, telling me a story


Mrs. Harf